Archery is one of our most popular clinics.  We use the same bows as the Junior Olympic Archery Division, quality carbon-fiber arrows, and a lesson plan honed by our own Camp Director over 20 years.

During Level 1 and 2 classes, campers learn about the equipment and proper shooting technique.  After 2-4 classes, focused campers are usually consistently shooting in the yellow and red, and have graduated on to level 3.

The Level 3 class strays from pure target shooting, which has the archer focus on the
“head,” or mental aspect of mastering archery.  Here, campers learn “Robin Hood” style shooting, which is more from the gut.  Timed shoots, moving targets, and various instinct shoots require the archer to develop an instinctual or intuitive feel for the sport.

Level 4 archers work on more advanced shooting form.  Here, campers go beyond the simple “three keys” and begin learning about the physics of archery.  At this point, campers also graduate to national-competition-level bows.

Level 5 archers learn to completely take a bow apart and put it back together again.  They learn how to string and unstring a bow, and advanced aiming techniques.  A greater target score is required here, and the archer must focus mind and body to achieve success.  Once this level of mastery has been obtained, the archer is rewarded with the ability to shoot a flaming arrow.

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