Hello my name is Nelly Anaya, I am from Mexico, I am 25 years old currently I am studying at the university the engineering degree in energy, when I finish my career I want to continue studying and get a master’s degree in energy economy. In my free time I like to do mainly four things reading books, playing with my pets, playing football, doing activities with my family. I did two volunteers, the first I went to teach English and computer classes at an elementary school in a rural one, the second I did in a natural nature reserve ecology where I taught children the importance of clean energy and good impact of an architecture bioclimatic, as well as the importance of the flora and fauna of each region of my state. Working in a camp makes me a new and special experience because I really like being in nature even more so when I’m doing an activity that I love to cook, I think it’s a way for a teenager to have an adventure full of knowledge by that’s that I really like the experience of a camp.

I love to enjoy the traditional nature of my country so I really like to know, the different regions, traditions of my country and know those beautiful landscapes.

Being in the middle of a place full of nature is a place that gives me peace, it is my ideal place to be feeling a cool breeze and marvel at how perfect nature

My pets represent a part of me because it’s my way of showing me that I have self-love and that I can feel a love for another living being

I am passionate about my career because it is my way of integrating nature into my daily life without harming the environment.

Art is a representation of our perspective on life and our history so I consider it a visual passion that I have

A passion I have is that I’m a fan of the local team from where I live because in their basic forces I played, and I like to go and support the team when playing

Art and architecture I consider it a way to represent the beauty of life, and knowing that very different way of representing it generates an interest in my history and traditions

Knowing that peculiar architecture that are my roots fill me with pride to know my history as well as its architecture