It’s been four long years, but I am stoked to finally return for my sixth summer at Augusta, and my first as a counselor!

I am 19 years old and from the Bay Area, California having lived in Piedmont, San Francisco, and Orinda. However, now I spend most of my time in New Jersey, where I attend Princeton University studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering.

Over the past two years I have led youth soccer camps and classes, and I’ve discovered that interacting with kids helps me keep touch with my creative and childish side.

I may not be the typical engineer, and I am always up for an adventure or trying something new. Here are just some of my endeavors:





Obtaining my motorcycle license! (though I don’t own a motorcycle and my parents highly disapprove of me riding one because of the dangers)





In my senior year of high school, despite never having acted before, I signed up for our fall play’s very last audition spot and was cast as a lead role!





Letting my teammate on the basketball team give me a buzz cut…





Designing and sewing my own overalls at school!





When I was 12 years old, I rented a fishing rod, bought some octopus, and then climbed up a rock and waited for 4 hours until I caught a fish (all on my own!)

A few more things that radiate me…

I can’t tolerate spicy food, but if a jalapeño/pepper is in front of me I will eat it anyways just to remind myself of the feeling.





My friend and I left our room at 2am for a 4 hour hike up Mount Tallac near Lake Tahoe to catch sunrise!

In 8th grade, I was called to the principal’s office because my friend and I were promoting our friendly boxing match…





On a whim I rented and drove a U-Haul to pick up a free couch off Craigslist for my dorm!







I completed a Spartan Race at Oracle Park!





I once ate 8 ounces of beef liver! (and as a kid I used to like eating fish eyeballs)





I was captain of my high school’s lacrosse team and currently play club lacrosse for Princeton!

And finally…




Me and Fizz! The horse I used to ride at camp!

And one more old camp photo for good measure.





See you all soon!