Bonjour tout le monde ! (Hello everyone !)

I’m Lyam, I am 22 years old and I will be 23 this summer ! I am currently in my second year of French Master of Engineering with naval architecture specialty at ENSTA Bretagne, where I do my apprenticeship with Naval Group (a reallyyy big company !). More precisely, in the fluid installation department on the Brest site, where I held the position of works manager in charge of the hydraulic work package.

Enough about studies! Let me tell you some fun facts about me :

– I am from France, a very far country in Europe (about 5600 miles). I live precisely in Brest in Brittany (Blue Arrow).
– This is my first time at camp Augusta!
– This is my first time in America!
– I love to solve problems especially in math. At school, I participate in the climbing club and in the boxing club!
– Usain Bolt was my role model when I was young!
– And now Jon Jones is my role model!

One of my passion is to travel 1 or 2 times each year with my friends ! 🙂 Last year, we went skiing in the Alps in France. What I love is snowboarding but also discovering new landscapes. But the most important of all is to ENJOY and have FUN with our friends 🙂

We also went for the new year to the canaries in Spain. The desert landscapes were really beautiful and the weather conditions were perfect for surfing !

I just noticed that on the pictures I am always on the right 🙂

I love all kinds of sports, and what I do regularly are Thai boxing and rock climbing.

I have been boxing in a club for more than 8 years now, and I have participated several times in the French championship, of which I was the winner once. I also went to an intensive training camp in Thailand for 15 days in 2018. And after a 2 years break (due to studies), I started training again and my goal is to fight again and requalify for the French championship and win !

Then, climbing was a great discovery for me this year because I immediately loved this sport and I do 2 to 3 sessions a week. As I do street workout, it allowed me to progress very quickly in climbing and why not try to do small competitions next year? 🙂

Otherwise what I like as a hobby apart from sports is reading manga like One Piece and listening to music. I have a little experience with children as I have done babysitting and have tutored teenagers in math and physics !

Let’s have a lot of fun, and a wonderful adventure this summer together!!