Hello, Hello!
My Name is Leydi Esther, but you can call you Esther, (I think is more Beautiful) Is my first time in Augusta Camp, I have the privilege of going as a kitchen staff.

  • Important Facts:
    I am 22 years Old, (My birthday is on August 10th)
    I am from Dominican Republic, in Santo Domingo the capital of DR, I live with my parents and siblings, One brother and One sister..
    I love reading, specially the Romantic books, the last book I read was “Me before you” by “Jojo Moyes” (a romance novelist and screenwriter).
  • Some things I adore:
  • DOGS: I have a chihuahua dog, his name is “Lucky” he is so important to me, I really love him.
  • LANGUAGES: When I was young in the high school I was very good with the languages, since that moment I knew what I want to study at the university.
    I am in the university, I have 10 semester approximately, I study “Modern Languages”, I chose that career because I feel very comfortable with, I love learning others languages because is like knowing a lot of cultures within countries and through this.
  • TEACH: I want to be a teacher, because I enjoy teaching, it is very special when you dedicate your time to something that really excites you and fills your soul doing it.


I have worked in united states at the park Six Flags in St Louis,(Missouri) from may to september, I used to work in the culinary deparment, I had to work with kids of differents ages and teeneagers, giving an amazing customer services that I could have perfomed that was amazing because I could learn a lot of things with them.

See you soon in the camp. ¡I’m so excited!