Kyle V (Kale)

Hellllllllllllllo Everyone!!!

My name is Kale, I’m 21 years old and I am very excited to be coming to Camp Augusta for the SECOND time this summer!! I look forward to meeting you and making this summer an unforgettable one. I’ll go ahead and tell you a little about myself

I was born and raised in Staten Island, which is a borough in New York City. When you think “New York City” you probably do not think of parks, woods, and beaches. Right? Well, where I was raised, I was surrounded by them!

From a young age, my parents had inspired me to explore the world around me. Whether it was taking trips to the top of the Empire State Building, where people looked like ants, or running through fields of grass, being a temporary mode of transportation for ticks and other insects, I wanted to see and learn more. This was the beginning of me questioning everything.

Like many of the people reading this, I attended summer camps. My parents saw that I was hungry to learn and explore so they signed me up for a nature summer camp, which I attended for five summers.

  • There are many, many, things that I enjoy doing!
    • Bicycling! Although I only learned how to bike when I was 11 years old, bicycles became an integral part of my life from that moment forward. Shortly after learning how to ride a bike I began to BMX. I did that for about five years and was able to use BMX as a form of my expression. Once I quit BMXing, I began road biking which I still do today. I ride my bike everyday!!!
    • Yoga! I have been doing yoga for a number of years and recently got my yoga teacher certification! The mindfulness, controlled breathing, flexibility, and strengthening are some of the reasons I enjoy it! You’ll also find me stretching all the time at camp!
    • Crafting! I love to make things with my hands! My current favorite crafts are wire-wrapping necklaces, crocheting hats, and sewing my friends clothes.
    • Skipping rocks! I can skip rocks for hours and still want more. I still haven’t met anyone who can skip a rock more times than I can. I also really enjoy teaching people how to skip rocks!
    • Learning and teaching! Open ears, open mind. I constantly seek out more things to learn. I like science, philosophy, psychology, history, and basically anything else except business and economics. Chances are if you begin talking about something that I don’t know much about, I will ask you one million questions about it. Likewise, I like to teach people anything I can think of. Wring me out and ask me questions too!
    • Sunsets and Sunrises! Twice a day the sky puts on a spectacular show for us. The show is slow, colorful, and free for every one of us!!!
    • Spending time with friends! Almost nothing compares!
    • Playing characters in EPs!!

I was also involved with Boy Scouts. 13 years actually! I consider the nature camp and Boy Scouts to be a cornerstone in developing my love for the natural world, which I hope to share with all of you! After I was too old to attend Boy Scout summer camps, I decided to apply to work at a one to give campers an absolutely amazing experience just as my counselors had for me. I found this to be very fulfilling

I am currently enrolled in SUNY Plattsburgh, studying environmental science and will have graduated by the time I see yall!

Future goals and aspirations

  • Teach at a school (preferably one that is very similar to camp augusta!)
  • Live in a community with like-minded people
  • Teach Yoga
  • Become a licensed masseuse
  • Be unconditionally present in the moment

See you soon!

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