Thanks for clicking my little two letter name! I’m Ko Narter and I’m super jazzed to share with you a bit about myself. Here is my life explained as my favorite food: a bagel. So versatile! So filling! So delicious! Like me, my bagel is going to be a bit eccentric, and maybe you wouldn’t think to pair these flavors all together, but the combination is surprisingly harmonious!


Every bagel’s gotta start with a base (the bagel), and I started (was born) in Chicago, Illinois, on January 24th, 2000 – a cold winter’s night. My full name is Koyuki, which means “little snow” in Japanese! I was born into a family of Todd, Yoko, and my older sister Nako. Though I was born in Chicago, this little poppy seed bagel rolled to Piedmont, California at the age of 6, which is where my family calls home today.


This unconventional yet delicious bagel spread represents my passion for music. I was the classic “sang before I could talk, danced before I could walk” kid, and I got involved with music in every way imaginable. I was a drummer and a singer for my middle school band, I wrote songs, I sang in choir, I did the school musical, really any opportunity I had to sing and get on stage, I took it. The pictures below are from a few performances I loved doing. (from left to right) Legally Blonde (Paulette), Piedmont High School’s Annual Bird Calling Contest (Barred Owl), The Tempest (Alonso), Piedmont Choirs, and a local show at the end of summer 2018. 

My passion for music didn’t stop after high school. I’m currently studying Recorded Music at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in Manhattan, New York. I love learning about the music industry as well as different ways to make music, and am so grateful to get to study what I love and collaborate with other students who are as passionate about music as I am. At my school I get to learn about music in a super hands on way, with classes in recording studios, or having a concert as a final exam.  I also love living in such a vibrant city like New York where everyday I am surrounded by people from all walks of life, coexisting in such a bustling city. 


Though I have been loosely vegetarian for a while now, I LOVE me some smoked salmon on a bagel and will never pass up to opportunity for a tasty bite of the stuff. The salmon represents my love for the great outdoors! Fun little tidbit about me, is that this will be my 11th summer at Camp Augusta, and my first summer as a counselor! Growing up in the Bay Area I loved to go on hikes and explore the natural beauty of the Golden State with my friends. It takes a bit more effort to find pockets of nature in New York City than it does in California, and I am so excited to get to live in the woods this summer and soak in as much of the great outdoors as I can.


I usually put the onions on the bagel before the smoked salmon, so they are sort of hidden until I take the first scrumptious bite of my culinary concoction. The chopped onion represents some hidden gems you may not know just by looking at me. I am really interested in sustainability, and how I can make less of an impact on the environment through little choices I make in my daily life. You can often find me carrying a reusable water bottle, a thermos for hot beverages, my bamboo utensils, a metal straw (big enough to drink bubble tea – one of my favorite foods/drink – with) as well as some reusable ear plugs my dad bought me to protect my ear drums at concerts, all in my trusty backpack.


Last but certainly not least, we have a bit of seasoning for this tasty treat. Almost every savory dish tastes better with a few sprinkles of crushed pepper, so here are some extra hopes, dreams, and factoids I have!

  • I’m left handed, and though we live in a world made for righties, I am always up for a bit of a challenge!
  • I speak Japanese. My mom is from Japan, and she speaks to me in Japanese but she also sat down with me every day for about 10 years and helped me study so I could speak to all my relatives who still live there.
  • I want to combine social justice, and sustainability, and music into my career. I don’t know exactly what this will look like but I would love to start a record label or create a music festival that celebrates and promotes all of these things.
  • My feet sweat easily and excessively, so I prefer an open toe to a closed-toe shoe. It really helps to keep some air flow.
  • I love music in all forms, and I am excited to sing and dance with all of you this summer!
  • Getting messy is one of my favorite things about camp. Some highlights include having tie-dye stained skin and getting oatmeal smashed in my ears during the oatmeal fight.

And VOILA! You have, Ko Narter, a delicious bagel-y treat! Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can’t wait to share more about myself with y’all this summer, as we play in the magical Augustan forests together. I’ll see you sooooon!

Campingly Yours,


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