Definition(s): 1, An Equestrian human returning to the woodchips for 2019; someone who is stoked for a summer spent outside in pursuit of magic, adventure, surprises, and the perfect s’more.
Ex: Katya is thrilled to be returning to the Augusta family, bringing her love of kids, horses, the outdoors, and adventure. When not working with the horses, Katya can be spotted up a tree, creating glass art, or morphing into a zombie.

2. A quirky, vertically challenged human, measuring 5’4”, who has a difficult time staying on the ground; an adventure enthusiast who enjoys skydiving with her family, rock climbing, and hiking.

Ex: As a child, Katya and her older brother would don grocery bag ‘parachutes’, clamber into their family apple trees, and leap from the branches, convinced they were skydiving. This dream actualized and she is now a licensed skydiver. Recently, her adventuring has focused on rock climbing and she can often be found clambering around various cliffs around the world.

3. A lover of learning, both teacher and life-long student.Ex: Her passion for inspiring people and sharing her love of the outdoors has inspired Katya to work as a counselor in Colorado at “Outdoor Lab” taking students from the Denver suburbs into the mountains for a week of environmental science, camping, and plenty of hiking. She has worked as a volunteer tutor and regularly seeks new knowledge from cooking to coding classes. She often finds herself both mentoring and absorbing knowledge from new and experienced rock climbers alike.

4. A creative soul with a touch of wanderlust who has traveled most of the  United States and has plans to travel the world; a photographer fascinated by the unique perspectives her camera reveals on her travels.
Ex: Katya is generally the person behind the camera and is intrigued by photos that look like paintings. When embarking on her numerous cross-country roadtrips, her camera is always close by, ready to capture new memories. She has driven across the country several times, taking a different route on each journey, often with a stop in a national park to explore new mountains. She has lived in the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands and plans to live in Nepal in the very near future.

5. An animal lover who is really excited about meeting the herd at Augusta.
Ex: Katya grew up riding horses and can’t wait to be around more four-hooved friends this summer. Her horse, Samson, is now retired, getting chubby and happy in a pasture in Colorado. Katya is also a dog-mom to a ‘bear-dog’ named Jesi, a bouncy ball of 3 year old Bernese Mountain Dog energy who loves to swim even when it’s below freezing. When Jesi stands up, she and Katya are at eye level (see above: vertically challenged). Camp gets a bit too warm for Jesi, so she is at her own ‘summer camp’ in the Colorado mountains.

6. A musician (of sorts); a lover of all things art and theater.
Ex: Katya grew up playing the violin and recently decided to re-learn the finicky string instrument. She loves hearing original songs played by her friends and is looking forward to improving her campfire singing game. Katya spent her early childhood acting in community theater and recently jumped back into theater by way of improv.

7. A Coloradan, born and raised.
Ex: Katya was raised in the small mountain town of Durango, Colorado on twelve acres, nestled in a valley near the Animas river; she spent most of her childhood inventing games with her brother on their family farm and occasionally pushing him into the pond at opportune moments.

8. A nerd – the self-professed, philosophical kind.
Ex: When she is not adventuring, cooking, at improv, or learning to code, Katya is curled in her hammock with a good book – or jotting notes for novel ideas of her own. She reads everything from historical fiction to sci-fi and beyond. She thinks that Nietzsche and Sartre get a bad rap and will gladly chat metaphysics, ethics, or existentialism; her inner philosopher is always game for some musings with other inquisitive souls.

9. A person with a fluid definition and many stories still to tell.
Ex: Katya believes that each person has an amazing freedom to craft and recraft their own life. She believes the world still has some undiscovered magic. She believes that a life fully lived is a curious one.

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