Heya Camp Friends!

I’m returning to the Augusta wood-chips for the third year running and am hyped for a summer of exploration, adventure, and heaps of laughter. Speaking of running, I hope you’re ready to join in some action-packed EPs – dastardly and quick creatures are some of my favorite characters.

When not sprinting full speed, you can find me chatting with the horses or working on logsiticy-shenanigans behind the scenes of camp.

This year, I’m joined by my four-pawed assistant Jesi. Don’t be fooled by her business attire – she is also a professional trail-blazer and swimming-hole tester and will gladly show you how to make a snow or sand angel.

During our down time, we’re frequently up a mountain, scrambling up some rocks or soaking in a summit sunrise. Originally from Colorado, Jesi and I have explored a handful of mountain ranges coast to coast and are stoked to have another summer in the Sierra Nevada range.

When summer is not in full swing, I have been moving around the globe, finishing grad school, absorbing knowledge and perspective, collecting stories and inspiration for camp adventures. “Where in the world are you right now??” is a common question I get from my family and friends. My sketchbook and camera are typically close-at-hand, and helped me fill in a map of some of my favorite adventures. Check out the map below to see where I’ve been!

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