Hello! My name is Hannah and this is my first summer here at Camp Augusta! I am so so excited to meet all of you!

Here is a little bit of info about me:)

I was born and raised in the great state of Colorado and grew up with four wild brothers and nearly too many animals to count. I used to terrorize my mom by bringing home wild birds, snakes, frogs, or any other animal that I could get my hands on. I dreamt of DIYing a small zoo for our living room, unfortunately she said I wasn’t allowed to. Instead, we compromised by raising ducks, bunnies, cats, dogs, and even a pig at one point. You’ll always be able to catch me hanging out with the camp animals!

In my small town of Glenwood Colorado I spent most of my time enjoying nature with my friends. We did a lot of things like hiking, fishing, rafting, and playing around in the lake by my house. I’m obsessed with all things nature and outdoors and feel so at home when I’m outside in the fresh air.

Aside from animals and outdoorsy things, I also enjoy…

Ice Skating!– I absolutely love skating, hockey, and anything related to being on the ice, I even taught skating lessons at my local arena!

Art and Music- I adore getting the chance to chill out and create something new. For me, painting, drawing, or any sort of art is very therapeutic and super satisfying. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. 

I feel similarly about music. To me there is something so special about song and dance, or even playing instruments (although I can’t say I’m very good).

Hanging out with my two cats- At home I have two cats named Chip and Firefly. They’re brother and sister and I’ve had them for almost three years now! There’s nowhere I’d rather be than hanging out with my kitties.

 I’m currently going into my sophomore year of college studying psychology at Colorado State University! Hopefully I will be able to use my degree to go into a career of clinical counseling or social work. I am super interested in the human mind, brain, and behavior and have found that I have such a passion for learning more about people in the ever changing world that we live in.