Hello, my name is Hamdin Genc. And l am from Istanbul/ Turkey. I am 29 years old: and it is going to be my first experience with a summer camp, to be part of it as a counselor. l enjoy camping, and have backpacked and headed to the mountains with buddies and spend a couple of days in nature, l love it. Being in nature is the greatest joy to me because l come from a family who has big farmlands and l grew up in the countryside with listening the birds and experiencing the green beautiful landscape, animals, and being witness to the change of nature has been my greatest joy to watch and feel it. Tough today l live in the big city because of my work, l often visit my family hometown and countryside to refresh my connection with nature and revisit my meaningful memories.

Being from a different country and experiencing the Camp culture with  Augusta makes me so excited and joyful to know that l have a lot to take and give to you “campers”  with the guidance of Augusta.

Also, if l talk about my experience as a counselor, the Augusta is going to be the first, but don’t worry l studied at University as an English Language Teacher and l am familiar with the concept and l know how to lead my campers/students to have the best of their time in any realm. And l am sure Camp Augusta has great capability to provide the best of itself to let us put our wholeness into practice in order to let us grow and have fun in the period we are there. Furthermore l am a good learner, listener, and guide that you will have a lot of fun with.
The amusement part of being a teacher for me is to help children to work toward their dreams and helping them in this journey is my greatest joy. On the other hand, my other reason to study the English Language was to travel and meet with people from different countries and cultures and read any book in a language the most books are written in, so it is just like there are no boundaries in all direction of life, and of course, it helps you most when you travel . So l have traveled over 20 countries and you will have a counselor to tell you a lot about cultures or countries you are curious about it.

There are still many places l want to visit and open a school and lead my students to their future dreams is the biggest passion l have for the future.
And if l talk about my hobbies, l love to read, about History, Psychology, Philosophy, and many other subjects. Playing soccer, teaching, and learning new skills in any area is my greatest joy. You will have a companion who can talk to you about any question you have, and l am so excited to listen to you and share my experiences and knowledge with you. I think the greatest part of being part of the camp as a counselor or camper is that you know there is a lot to share, learn and this is the coolest part to be in Camp Augusta because it has a lot to teach and also it wants to get your experiences blended to its decades-long culture and tradition.

As l mentioned above l have been teaching my students the English Language and l have been guiding them in their journey of life and so it has been a pleasure to know l have been playing my part to assist someone who wants to have a future dream they want. Also at the camp, as a counselor, my biggest joy is going to be campers’ guide to let you have the fullest advantage of Camp Augusta’s camping culture and my companionship. In this journey, you will have my knowledge, experience, and endless energy in this exciting adventure beside you. And the magical part to be with me, as l mentioned above you will have a friend who can answer your any question and talk about anything, and lead you to have the fullest advantage of Camp Augusta’s fun and joyful culture and tradition.

And finally l to share my favorite quote which it plays important role in my vision and life philosophy,

Reality is created by the mind, we can change our reality by changing our mind. – PLATO

See you in Camp Augusta’s adventures realm!