Hey howdy! My name is Emily, but you can call me Em. I’m 23, and I will be traveling to Camp Augusta from Idaho! This is my first year coming to Camp Augusta, but not my first time to camp. My grandpa worked at two educational camps— we even went to camp on Thanksgiving!

I grew up going to the YMCA in my hometown, Redding, CA, while my mom worked there as a personal trainer. I later became a lifeguard and swimming instructor, and enjoyed working at my Y for five years! I especially enjoyed working at the summer day camps.

Dance has been one of my passions for as long as I can remember! I have worked as a ballet/musical theatre dancer for a few years now. A few shows you may know; Tarzan— I was an ape and an aerialist! This was one of my favorite shows. The Nutcracker— The Land of Sweets is my favorite scene, but it always makes me hungry.


  • I have a cat named Catsby at home.
  • I like to embroider denim jackets to pass time!
  • Watercolors and acrylic paint are my favorite art supplies.
  • I have a serious candy and ice cream sweet tooth!

A list of some favorites:

  • The Sandlot is my favorite movie. The Great Bambino!
  • Impressions. I do a solid “Roz” from Monster’s Inc.
  • Playing the ukulele.
  • Hammocks! I hang mine over the Boise River in the summer.
  • Obstacle courses. I used to do a lot of mud runs!
  • 80’s music/fashion. We all love to hate it!
  • Making comics— Recently I sent a card to my sister with Spongebob characters painted all over the outside of the envelope.

This summer, let’s:

  • Get really dirty. I don’t want to know where the dirt ends and our freckles begin!
  • Make stuff! I love to sculpt and build and paint. I’ve also been dying to learn how to make pottery!
  • Geek out— I love all things nerdy. From comics to constellations.
  • Laugh. Let’s make it funny.

In addition to dance, I loved singing in choir all through school and college as well. Singing in groups is particularly fun!

I’m planning to hike the Centennial Trail— It goes from one end of Idaho to the other, and takes about 60 days to hike.

Thanks for reading a bit about me,
Before we meet between the trees,
I hope you are ready for the silly faces,
The oatmeal fights, the three-legged races,
Let’s make war paint and hike the falls,
Have the courage to climb the tallest rock walls,
But before all my camp dreams come true,
There is just one thing missing…

I can’t wait to meet you this summer! 🙂