Hello everyone!

It seems it is happening – I am going to spend this summer at Camp Augusta with you, and it’s going to be legendary!

My name is Csabi. I enjoy traveling, walking and hiking – I have walked the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and I also embrace the world whenever I get a chance. I like cycling, skiing and scuba diving – although I cannot always keep my goggles from fogging up. I love singing, especially with friends. I have started learning to play the guitar but there is still a long way ahead of me. I relish speaking foreign languages. I do like making new experiences, so I have tried a tandem paraglide flight and also a tandem skydive jump!

I have volunteered at a children’s camp since 2012. I have led escape room and science experiment programs, but I have spent most of the time on the high ropes course. There have been campers from abroad and I have also participated in one session abroad, but never outside of Europe, so this experience in the woods of Northern California is going to be entirely new for me!

I am going to be a Village Leader at Camp Augusta, and I’ll be seeing you up on the high ropes course for sure! I can’t wait to experience the Augustan flavor of camping and to share this wonderful experience with you!