Hi! My name’s Claire!

I grew up in the (wonderfully temperate and foggy bay area), spending ridiculous amounts of time running around outside in some way, shape or form. I’ve played soccer since I was seven, ran since I was 12, dragon boated since I was 14, and have fallen in love with mountain biking within the past year or two.

I started coming to Camp Augusta family camps when I was 11, and despite my initial reluctance to replace my beloved Berkeley Tuolumne Family Camp, I fell in love around the time someone dropped out of a tree with a Ukulele. After three years of *insistent asking* I finally arrived at summer camp.

This will be my 6th year at camp augusta – 3 years as a camper, 1 as a circler, and last year as a JC! I spent lots of time at the craft shack, lamp working, and with the silks 🙂

Outside of camp, I’m a first year student studying electrical engineering, and building rockets!

I work on electronics – our ground control system – but also on air frame, and propulsion! I love understanding how everything works, and how it works together 🙂

Aside from spending evenings in the desert, I go on runs, play clarinet in two student ensembles, and practice doing handstands. When I have a free moment, I find a fiction book and find corners to curl up in throughout the day.

Since I don’t start school ‘til September, in the late summer I’m planning to either go on a road trip with my dad or go backpacking with some friends. And since just couple weeks in summer doesn’t seem to be quite enough exploration, I’m planning to study abroad for a quarter my junior year – I’d love to go to either Spain or Germany.

I’m so excited to spend this summer in the wonderful world of camp augusta! I’m looking forward to energetic EP’s, the wild cabin acts y’all come up with, and getting to know each and every one of you! 🙂


Pictures: 1) I get home from college for the first time!

2) I paint at midnight after getting home from swing dancing

3) My dog tried to steal my bed from me.

4) Debate tournament – this is professional, right?

5) I paint more because… well, why not?


    • Volunteer work
    • Why you want to work at camp
    • Experience with children
    • What you hope children get out of the camp experience and the experience of being with YOU
    • What is special and magical about you
    • What you look forward to in being with the kids and at camp
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