HELLO to wherever you’re reading this from! My name is Bryant Lee and I am so excited to be your counselor at Camp Augusta this summer!!




Here are photos of me when I was of camper age. I was once a camper too!

Mindblowing right??




But here’s me now!! 21 and all grown-up, for the most part at least…

You can be the judge of that.



Born in Davis, California, that was but the launch pad for my adventure. Currently I am in Salem, Oregon studying Psychology and Classical Studies at Willamette University, and I am beyond stoked to explore Nevada City this summer! My adventure has also taken me across states, Canada, Britain, Denmark and Hong Kong! Wherever I go I bring my love of musical performance, stories, people, and exploring.



I love to pass on what I have learned and have used several opportunities to do so; teaching lessons in martial arts, tennis, and violin. This will be my first year at Camp Augusta and I can’t wait to experience it all with you! At camp please tell me about your favorite book or movie, I’d love to hear all about it. Or if you’ve come up with any stories of your own!

The Fun Facts About Me Page!

  • My favorite animal is the penguin (see bottom picture)
  • In order to pass my 3rd degree black belt test, I had to climb a mountain from sea level and go cave spelunking, as well as all other loads of karate stuff.
  • I was a summer janitor and a COVID tester
  • I have been playing the violin since I was 9 and I play in my school orchestra. I also taught myself how to play the “gee-tar” over quarantine.
  • My hometown, Davis, is the #1 biking town in America!
  • My top 3 favorite foods are: pasta, dim sum, and burritos. Sushi would be an honorable mention in 4th place.
  • I have been playing tennis since I was 10. Though I only play recreationally now, I played competitively in high school.
  • I thought it’d be cool to take a Latin course and it became my Minor!
  • My dream destinations are: Venice, New Zealand, and Jupiter.
  • I love Star Wars!
I can’t wait to hear all kinds of fun facts about you!