Ahhhhhh hi! 🙂

My name is Ainsley Brown Fleming-Wood, but I go by Ainsley or just Ains. I used to really not like my middle name, but now I’m coming around on it!

I am 18 years of age…seems like a lot to me for some reason. This will be my 7th summer at camp, and I’m gonna be a JC! I will be spending some time in Manzi and also Oak.


I am going to be a freshman at Cornell University this coming fall, and I am studying Nutrition science, cancer research, and community disease prevention. I love chemistry, math, and biology, so I will be very excited to talk about anything sciencey this summer.


I will also be studying Studio Art! I LOVE to paint, and I would love to be a professional artist one day.

Future plans

In the future, I hope to go to circus school and join the circus. I’m serious.

I also hope to travel around the world helping undernourished communities build sustainable food systems.

I dream about opening my own restaurant one day, and I am planning to get my yoga teaching certification in the next year or two… we will see if that happens or not


My everyday hobbies are…

Cooking for my family (and also for myself)

Aerial silks! I coach aerial arts for my job in Oakland, and I LOVE being upside down.

Lyra. Trapeze. Aerial rope. Acrobatics.

Drawing and painting!!

I really like organizing things…

Eating vegetables (I really love vegetables… especially carrots…and zucchini…and SWEET POTATOES)

Taking funny photos of myself with exotic fruits


Rock climbing

Volleyball! Beach, indoor, doubles, anything!

Dance… YAY I do modern dance, some jazz, ballet, and contemporary


At school next year I will be working at an aerial arts studio in New York, rock climbing in the University gym, playing lots of volleyball, yoga-ing out, and dancing all of the time 🙂 Don’t worry, I’ll be studying lots too.

Here is me being strange at different ages!!

At school, I lead a volunteer group that focuses on food security. We go to the foodbank and help sort produce, we help with local farms and gardens, and we hand out meals to members of the community who aren’t able to have consistent access to food. I really enjoy doing this, and it helps me see how lucky we are to have the food we do at camp and at home.

Something special about me is that I have one pointy ear, and my mom says that means I am a fairy…so I am a fairy.

I also can do pretty nice one handed cartwheels.

When we finally meet (or see each other again) ask me about my cats!

Or about my dog, or my chickens. I would love to tell you some crazy stories about my pets.

See you on the wood chips! 😀

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