Camp Director 

As (INSERT NAME) ventured off to explore the magical land hidden in the forest, dreaming of wondrous wake ups, enticing embers, and astounding activities… They found themselves at a crossroads… One path was going to lead them away from this glorious journey and on to another adventure far away. But the other… To a journey that was brimming with opportunity, learning, crying, laughing and living in a way the adventurer never thought possible… It was time for the adventurer to look at the map and decide which path to take…

Greetings Adventurer! Below contains all of the information you need to begin to understand the role of Camp Director. Please take a look at everything below, and reach out to us at applications@campaugusta.org. You can also call us at +1(530) 265-3702.

Campingly yours,



Process and Performance Management
  • Golden Triangle of Performance — Process (systems) Click here
  • People (scaffolding) Click here
  • Provide specific examples of each:
    • Back office
    • Camp-wide programming
    • Clinic/program development
    • Kitchen
    • Recruiting staff
    • Examples that had an arc (projects with a beginning, middle and end) of at least two years.
    • People
      • Staff training
      • Behavior guidance with campers
      • Counselor-Counselor conflict
      • Counselor internal “demons”
      • Counselor railing against camp philosophy/policy (e.g., drugs/alcohol, dress, sleeping enough)
A little about you
  • Practical
    • Let’s see your current to-do list.
    • What have been “feathers in your cap” over the last 3 months, and, in the 12 months prior to that.
    • Ideally, candidates have at least 4-5 years experience in a director or equivalent role.
  • “Scholarship”
    • What concrete, organized, systematic philosophical beliefs do you have?
    • Are you a student of life? How are you so or not so? Be specific.
  • What about your create self?
    • How do you express your creativity? Show us!
    • What are your “signature” areas/elements at camp, inside and outside of it? What are you known for?
    • What are some of your “dropped balls” and/or goal shortfalls in the last year?
  • Longer term
    • What is your purpose and goals over the next 3-4 years?
What about us?!
  • What are 10 questions that you are dying to ask us?
A little to know about Augusta and the director role


  • We were in $5M of debt when we took over here 16 years ago. Now we are only $750K in debt and will be clear of that by the end of 2020!
  • As a result we don’t currently offer any scholarships. Once the debt is clear, we can change that!
  • Our population is primarily from the Bay area, which is the most expensive housing marking in America, and consequently our population tends to be primarily upper/upper middle class families.
  • We are 100% Solar powered, thanks to our new solar panel field. Sustainability is the name of the game!
  • We are firmly secular
  • Camper recruitment is not, thankfully, an issue for us
  • It costs us about $3000 to hire a new staff member, because our recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes are extensive/ridiculous.

The director role:

  • It is a year round position
  • You are not required to live on site at Augusta
  • The salary is always dependent on experience and a discussion
  • Finance and site management will not be your direct responsibilities
Still interested?

We would love to hear from you! Give us a call and ask for one of us to chat with you!

After a “hello chat”  we want folks to send us a resume, and a paragraph with more information on who you are, how the above lands for you and anything else that you feel could support your application. Use the information and the questions we pose above as your ‘map’, then send it in to us at applications@campaugusta.org

Good luck adventurer. Where ever this path leads you, wherever your story goes, I hope you find the wish, wonder and surprise that your journey has to offer!