There is a small warm glow in the distance. It’s growing ever greater and brighter with every moment that passes. Before you know it the light is blinding, you feel the ground begin to shutter beneath your feet, and you hear a boisterous sound that hits you like a sonic pulse. Your ears and your brain finally connect to translate the sound into a mighty “HOWDY”!!

Your eyes come into focus and you see a wizard gazing into his staff before you.

He offers his name swiftly with an intense smile “ I am known as Zachus Attackus” I have traveled from a far off land known as Florida known for the swamp and sunshine of the southeast!”

“My intention for coming is to bear warning of the mischievous other sides of myself, Zachus Attackus, you must look out for all the different disguises and skills.”

“I, Zachus Attackus, have traveled and lived in many far off places such as the land of Thai, the forgotten islands of New Zealand, and the ancient rainforest of ‘Straya.”

Where we had to traversed through the jungles

Navigate through treacherous water

Learn native customs and dances to survive

As they tried to encapsulate us in glaciers

Lucky due to our knowledge of ropes and climbing we could easily evade their advances

A soft spot is our love for animals and all beings on this earth that began when we were a young wizard

We were born in no medical structure as we were the last of five mystical creatures. My mother bore us at the comfort of the homestead.

Our mother, a strong, confident, and nurturing wizard, would be my greatest monitor/teacher as she taught us the ways of the world as we would be schooled at the homestead for some of our youthful years.

Ways of luring one side of Zachus Attackus in is by our favorite potion known as a Flat White which we grew accustomed to while in ‘Straya and the forgotten islands of New Zealand but it is only taken with the milk of soy.

One way to stop us in our tracks is by putting us underneath the stars of the night sky especially when the milky way is in clear view or put into valleys where the mountains seem to become giants.

Look out for sleep structures such as these that are common for us to reside in

We have currently been discovering and exploring our bodies’ balance and movement in space through the art of calisthenics and getting closer to mastering the standing of one’s hands.

We are always looking for the next adventure while continuing on the path of learning, growing, exploring, connecting, and most importantly playing.

Now remember as you have been warned about all the forms that Zachus Attackus many take at the magical Augustin woods, home of the wood chips, and the aura of WWS (Wish, Wonder, and Surprise).

So long for now….

Zachus Attackus gives a slight smirk.

The figure vanishes before your eyes…

You blink in rapid succession and wonder if what you witnessed was real or merely a dream…

You sit down, look up, and realize you will have to wait until summer to find out.