My name is Thomas, I go by Tom!

I grew up one child amongst many in the deserts of Southern California. My most precious memories as a kid are the ones where I was out and about in nature. Riding my bike till I find myself lost and apart from civilization or climbing up boulders in reckless abandon with no consideration as to how I was going to come down. I remember being a Boy Scout, and although I can’t repeat a promise or motto from the scouts I can recall quite vividly evenings spent near camp fires underneath stars forging lifelong bonds with bugs in my hair and dirt between my toes.

I think it’s those memories and the passion they ignited are the reason I chose to make the decision that I did. When I discovered myself all grown up, styled in a suit and tie, wandering around bored or aloof in a concrete jungle. I chose to retreat from it all and find myself again. Here back at camp, soot on my face, sweat in my clothes and soul filled with life doing the best kind of work; kindling the love for the outdoors to those who cherish it most; the children all around me for when they themselves grow old and look inward to the child deep inside.