I Decided To Go On A Treasure Hunt, Searching Far And Wide For Gold, As I Followed The Rainbow, I Came Across A Whole New World, Nothing Like I Have Ever Seen Before – Flooded With Color Of New Treasures And New AdventuresFound! I Feel The Richness, The Smells Of Open Air; I See Vibrant Pathways, And I Hear The Wonderous Sounds Of Play. For The First Time Ever Camp Augusta, I Am Here!

Hi There, My Name Is Stacy, And I Am So Excited To Be Here, And Sprinkle Color Along The Way As One Of The Village Leaders Here At Camp Augusta! You May Find Me Dancing, Yoging, Moving, And Grooving To And From Guiding Counselors And Campers Throughout The Day, Or You May Find Me In The Trees, Beneath The Trees, Maybe With The Plants, Animals, Or The Birds And Bees, Frolicking To The Arts, Crafts, And Ceramics, Or Buried On My Hands And Knees In The Costume Closet, Where Some One May See. Where Ever I Am – I Am Looking Forward To Hearing Your Wildest Dreams, And How You Want To Create Your Majestic Summer Here At The Magical World Of Camp Augusta Come Into Fruition!

I Am So Excited To Be Flowing, Glowing, And Growing Alongside Each One Of You! Thank You For Opening Up Your Hearts & Souls, And Adding Color To My World As I Sprinkle Color Along The Way – Yay! 

As I Am Discovering The Pathway Of Life With You All, I Thought I Just May Share Some Bright Lights And Fun Facts About Myself:

  1. I Went To School For One Of The Coolest Undergrad Majors Of Play In Recreation And Leisure Studies, And Now I Am Going To Grad School For Leadership.
  2. I Have Camped Across The Country More Times, Then I Can Account For – Due To Leading Student, Young Adult, And Family Tour Trips Around The U.S. 
  3. I Held The Biggest “Baby” Anaconda Snake Ever. Lets Just Say The Snake Was More Comfortable Than Me, Hence The Snake Poop All Over My Shirt And Pants. 
  4. I Use To Have The Cutest Little Ferret Called Bandit That Would Steal All My Keys, Socks And Underwear, Especially When I Needed Them The Most! 
  5. I Love Sculpting Portraits! It Makes My Soul Sing….
  6. Yoga Is My Jam! I Just Completed My Second 200 Hour Certificate, Maybe I Can Teach You At Camp Augusta.
  7. I Love Ice-Cold Water Soaks In Nature. They Are My Favorite Other Than Hot Springs! 
  8. Cooking Is One Of My Favorite Down Time Activities. 
  9. I Told My Parents, I Would Never Put Them In A Senior Home, When I Was A Kid, And Recently The Time Came, And I Randomly Bought A House In Less Than One Week And Moved My Daddy-O From Los Angeles.
  10. I Would Rather Be Hammocking, Than Sleeping In A Tent Or Bed Any Day.

11. Being In, On, Or Over Water Is A Favorite Downtime, Whether I Am Taking A Bubble Bath, River Rafting, Paddle Boarding, Wake Boarding, Tubbing, Or Jet Skiing.    

12. I Use To Live In Sydney, Australia And Had The Most Spectacular View Of The Fireworks Out My Bedroom Window. The Coolest Free Festivity I Looked Forward To Every Week – It Doesn’t Get Old; It was Gold! 

13. I Lived Out Of A Van, But Not The Cool “Van Life.” It Was More Of The Back Seat Van Life – Good Luck Getting Comfortable –Hammocking Here I Come!

14. I Love To Search For Hearts, Whenever I Am Out And About In All Places And Things – See If You Can Spy One! 

15. I Used To Hate Mosquitos Until They Became My Best Friends As They So Kindly Sung Me Asleep By Their Violinist Attunements.

16. I Volunteered For School Events, Afterschool Programs, Animal Shelters, Homeless Food Banks, Thanks Giving Feeds & Runs To Mediation Centers Expansions. 

17. Some Of My Favorite Afterschool Programs I Use To  Teach Are Theatre, Arts, Leadership, And Environmental Activities. 

18. My Favorite Color Is Green.

19. I Have Been To Sixteen Countries And Five Continents.

20. I Enjoy Nature At Its Finest, Especially When I Can Climbing Trees, Rocks, And Mountains. 

21. My Favorite Time Is Morning And Evening Cuddles With Aspen – My Kitty And Puppy Murphy.

When You See Me, Ask What Glimpses I Saw Over The Rainbow! See You All Soon!!