Howdy, my name is Squid! I am jumping back into my third summer filled with wish, wonder,and surprise onto the woodchips of Camp Augusta. I wish to not have dust boogers! I wonder if I will get dust boogers? I won’t be surprised if I get dust boogers!

I am returning to Pine village this summer as the Village Leader and I couldn’t be more excited to hear the chant of “What’s the Village with the Keep?” “PINE PINE!” ! I grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri During the pandemic I worked an assortment of jobs from nannying to being the outreach education coordinator at the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka, Missouri. I got to help with some really cool animal care and teach people about just how cool wolves actually are! I speak Spanish fluently(ish… I’m a bit out of practice). And my favorite animals are giraffes!

If you get to spend any time with me, ask me questions about animals! I worked at the Saint Louis Zoo for almost ten years, so I am filled to the brim with “Squid’s infamous useless animal facts”. Ask me about Giant Pandas… During my time at the zoo, I worked at their summer camp and in their education department, helped take care of their insects, and sometimes helped landscape habitats for the carnivores! My mom got me a ukulele for my birthday a few years ago, so I’ve been practicing when I have free time. Currently, I know maybe one song by heart. Maybe we can jam together! I’ve also been spinning poi since my first summer. Maybe you’ll see me spinning fire at a campfire? I just started taking lyra and aerial silks classes at the Aerial Lab in town. Maybe we go flow together?

My favorite parts of camp are the mornings when camp is filled with screams of terror, delight, and I hear the giggles and fits of laughter traveling through the air as some magic that could only happen at Augusta turns boring ordinary mornings into extraordinary, life changing, and create life-long memories. What’s your favorite way to be woken up? I am a fan of the off-the-wall, wacky, and zany wake ups.

I also LOVE spending my days up in the trees. I like to pretend I am a fairy, or a nature druid while I scale up the trees into gravity zip or canopy tour. Maybe we could make a cabin act together where we are some magical creatures protecting the forests? You might also catch me by the lakeside guarding lives! I enjoy wrestling on the water mats. I wonder if you could best me in a match? Although the clinic times are super fun, my absolute favorite part of Camp Augusta are the people and the community. I look forward to all the new people I will get to meet, the new friends I will make, and the memories that we will all make together!