My name is Sarah, and this is my first summer as a counselor, but my fifth year at camp! Years ago, 2008-2012 to be exact, I was a camper
myself. I am delighted to be returning to the best village there is, Manzanita, and I cannot wait to spend the summer experiencing wish,
wonder and surprise with all of you!

Here is a little about me: I am 20 years old, and just finished my second year at Wake Forest University, where I am studying Biology and
Psychology. I love science and I hope to one day work in the healthcare industry. When I am not at school, I live in Denver, a city I love because
of its proximity to the mountains, and of course, amazing skiing! I grew up in Piedmont, but spent a ton of my childhood exploring Donner
Summit, where I learned to ski and developed a life long love for the exploring the outdoors. Besides California and Colorado, I have also lived
in New Hampshire and now, North Carolina. I feel so lucky to have lived in so many unique parts of the US because I have met so many
different kinds of people and explored so many awesome areas!

One of my biggest passions is theater. I have been acting since middle
school, and have continued through college, expanding my knowledge
beyond acting and into costume design, set design, stage management,
improv, video production and comedic writing. I am in my school’s sketch
comedy club and it is one of my favorite parts of college (See photo to the
In addition to acting, I sing, play guitar and know some ukulele. I think that
singing around a campfire is the most magical thing in the world. 🙂
I am also an avid arts and crafts fan. I love to draw, paint, sew, and in
general, create. I love photography, and would love to get better at taking
pictures of the people and world around me!!

I believe that traveling is one of the most magical experiences there is, and I have been truly blessed to be able to explore many cool places
around the world! I have been to China, Thailand, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Canada, France, Turkey, England, Croatia, Denmark and Peru. I
even lived in Chile last semester, and sea kayaked/ camped through Patagonia!! It was an absolutely life-changing experience, and I hope to one
day go back! I love spending time outside, and think that being in nature is amazing for the mind, body, heart and spirit. Below are photos from
some recent adventures!

I love Harry Potter a ton, and JK Rowling says that seven is a magical number. Soooo… here are some of my sevens!

I love Harry Potter a ton, and JK Rowling says that seven is a magical number. Soooo… here are some of my sevens!


  1. Aysen Region, Chile
  2. Donner Summit, CA
  3. Copenhagen, Denmark
  4. San Francisco, CA
  5. White Mountains, NH
  6. Rocky Mountains!
  7. Winston-Salem, NC (Go Deacs!)


  1. All types of Japanese food 🙂
  2. Dim Sum
  3. Mac and cheese!
  4. Chilean food
  5. My parents’ cooking
  6. WAFFLES (especially Waffle House)
  7. Jelly Beans


  1. I was on a billboard for Sugar Bowl Ski Resort in
  2. I have a Bernese Mountain dog named Murphy
    and she is 100 lbs.
  3. I worked in a hospital in Peru for a little while
    during my senior year of high school and
    studied women’s healthcare.
  4. I LOVE to cook, my favorite thing to make is
    homemade potstickers.
  5. I speak Spanish and want to live in South
    America at some point in my life.
  6. My laugh sounds like Spongebob’s and spans
    about three octaves.
  7. I’m the youngest of three and both of my
    siblings went to Camp Augusta!


  1. Evening programs, especially capture the flag!
  2. Getting to know all of the amazing campers and
  3. Magical cabin activities
  4. Oatmeal fights
  5. Teaching clinics!
  6. Being in nature all summer
  7. Making Manzanita home!

I am so, so excited to meet you this
-Sarah <3