Hi, my name’s Robert

What you see here is a redwood tree, as the thing I tend to get compared to quite a bit to these particular trees due to my height, I thought it fitting to use this to tell you a little about myself

Redwoods stand tall and proud, this one being 130 feet tall, myself, 6’8” and still growing apparently, due to a recent growth spurt.

Like almost all plants, redwoods are a deep green, absorbing the nutritious vitamins from the sun, it’s rare to get a sunny day where I am from, so if by chance it happens, you can bet i’ll be out in it soaking up all that vitamin D

A redwood must have a strong base of bark and inner wood from which to grow as tall as they do. My outter bark, visible at first glance, holds values of physical health, being a fitness instructor, cyclist, yoga enthusiast and calisthenics practitioner.

My inner trunk, not visible to the eye, holds values of compassion, mindfulness, honesty, vulnerability, humility and the will to keep striving for new possibilities.

What lies down in my roots which explains where I come from and what I use to nourish me? Well, I come from a tiny little place called Northern Ireland, yes, there is a separate region of Ireland that holds 6 counties, that’s where I come from. I grew up partly in the city of Belfast and partly in the rolling hills of County Down. My family is mostly country dwelling, where as I and my mother, took the leap to the city when I was merely a toddler. Because of this duality of city and countryside life, I grew up looking for the natural beauty in the everyday concrete jungle. I love long walks in the forest parks near my city and one of my favourite activities is tending to my garden, where I grow a variety of tasty veggies, fresh fruits and fragrant flowers. With this love for the outdoors, I recently was in training to become a hill ranger for the hills surrounding Belfast. I have always held a special place in my heart for wildlife and ecology. We were born of this earth, let’s protect and care for her, for she is our mother.

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