Our Goal: To facilitate compassion, wish, wonder, and joy through the partnership of children and horses.

Our equestrian program features a herd of ten horses, two dedicated equestrian staff, an arena, lunging pen, and numerous trails on and off of camp.

We offer a unique opportunity for campers to develop a connection with and understanding for their equine partner. With philosophies and techniques derived largely from the wide world of Natural Horsemanship, we teach basic to more advanced horsemanship both on the ground and in the saddle. We aim to create a fun and safe environment in which campers practice the tools to engage in a non-verbal conversation between horse and rider and to learn, not just to ride, but to love horses too!

Our riding lessons are taught in a hybrid style of western and english riding, depending on the comfort of the rider and the natural tendency of each horse. As campers advance through the levels, they have the opportunity to learn and practice skills such as posting, two-point, barrels, trot poles, obstacle courses, first canter, first jump, and more.

We also offer bareback lessons to further develop softness in the hands and comfort with an independent riding seat.

In addition to trail riding and arena work, campers have the opportunity to experience grooming/saddling classes, bathing classes, and a chance to paint their horses.

Recently, Camp Augusta’s equestrian program has further incorporated the the mission of wish, wonder, and surprise of camp by beginning new activities such as jousting and horseback archery!

Safety is a prime concern. We have a certified equestrian director, experienced staff, top-of-the-line helmets, quality riding boots, and more.

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