Hello, my name is Odin!

I am 18 years old this summer and have been going to family camps every year since I was 8 along with collecting a total of 5 times at summer camp for a grand total of 15 separate visits to the world of Camp Augusta.(so far)

My passions include:

My pet tortoise, Biscuit(Ask me about tortoise care! I love talking about Biscuit), and my cat, Bob(aka Babi, Lasagna, and baaaaabi).

Flow arts!! (juggling, poi, unicycling,rope dart, etc.) It’s my favorite way to get in the zone and challenge myself with learning a new skill. I always tend toward activities that require hours of practice and give a sense of mastery. This summer I’m super excited to support that same mindset of healthy goal setting with each of my campers.
Speaking of setting goals and learning new things, this year I discovered disc golf.

Even though I love so many activities I’d say my true special interest is interpersonal communication. To me that means figuring out the best way to connect, whether that be with a new flow art or with you. This summer I want to hear what you are passionate about and learn the style of play that best facilitates communication and connection for you.

Before camp, I worked as a preschool gymnastics coach(it was awesome). This is where I realized that every kid has a different way they communicate best, and that it wouldn’t work to have any type of rigid formula for coaching. I listened to every kid and would adjust each lesson around what helps them learn and express themselves best.

(my gym kids enjoying an imaginary dinner by an imaginary fireplace)

Although we (probably:)) won’t be building forts made of foam blocks at camp, I still think what I learned from coaching has heavily impacted my philosophy towards counseling and interpersonal connection which I hope to implement this summer.

No bio is complete without a fast paced fun facts list!
1.For 6ish years I slept in a hammock instead of a bed.
2. I’m faceblind. That means the part of my brain made to recognize faces doesn’t work normally. So I recognize people based on their outfit, smile, hairstyle, etc.(I have a different way to recognize everyone I know! Ask me and I’ll explain how I know it’s you:)
3. I LOVE miniatures.
4. I HATE wet sand and wet grass.
5.I got SCUBA certified when I was 10 and one day hope to be a dive instructor.
6. My little sister and I share the same birthday!(July 16th) Even crazier, my older sister was born on July 18th. We celebrate together each year.
7.I have a miniature Christmas tree I decorated on my desk to keep the magic year round.
8.I LOVE climbing. Especially helping others through difficult climbing challenges but I’ve also dabbled in speed climbing. At one point I even held the record for fastest time to scale Giant’s Junkyard(34 secs. And 52 secs blindfolded)
9.All my life the most common nickname I’m called is “bobo” and not even my parents know exactly why they started calling me that.
10.Mr. Lion(pictured below) has been going to camp with me for four years and this summer I plan on making a five year box for him.