Welcome to Build-Your-Own-(Nitza)Pizza Factory! I’m Nitza and I’ll be your host on this journey to discovering what truly makes up a Nitza – Manzanita Pizza.


The Dough:  Cabral Family circa. 1999 

First things first, every pizza needs a dough. For me, this dough is made up of my two amazing parents and my incredible older sister, who all welcomed me into the world on July 25, 1998. My dough is goofy, music-loving, and super dance-y! (Try to guess which one is me in this photo!)



The Sauce: Everyone likes to add their own special seasonings to a sauce. For me, these seasonings are history movies, hiking and endless trivia! I also have to have good books, fanny packs, and movie nights with friends and family. While at camp some favorite clinics of mine are gravity zip, climbing wall, and though I don’t facilitate the high zips, I definitely love them. Here’s a pic of me with some fellow counselors on Canopy tour last summer! 

The Cheese: Oddly enough, I have a slight lactose intolerance, so the cheese isn’t exactly my favorite part of the pizza. Something that is a favorite of mine though, is Tucson’s very own, Mt. Lemmon. Attending college in Tucson has allowed me to explore the many wonders of beautiful Arizona. Mt. Lemmon is one of my most frequented sites. Whether I’m enjoying the sunrise with good company, going for a hike on the weekend, or spending a night camping, Mt. Lemmon is my place to be.

One of my favorite things Arizona has introduced me to though, are the joys of camp counseling! During the school year, I volunteer as a camp counselor in a campus club called Camp Wildcat. Ask me about Camp Wildcat, I loooove talking about it!


I’m also really excited to travel! I visited England


this past December to hang with some Augustans (as you can see here) and that was my first time abroad! I’m hoping to make trips to Spain and Canada very soon!


The Toppings: If history were a topping, it would be the second thing I asked for on my pizza, the first would be pineapple of course (I’m a firm believer that pineapple ALWAYS belongs on pizza)! I’m currently in my third year at the University of Arizona where I’m majoring in history with a minor in Judaic Studies. My goals are to one day publish an historical fiction novel, teach history at the university level, and write a ground-breaking history of my own.

For some extra flavor on my pizza, I’ll add green bell pepper and fresh flowers, (my favorite are sunflowers!) olives and trees! Before moving to Tucson, I most recently lived in a town called Corning, CA, the olive capital of the nation!

I grew up just outside Chico, CA, also known as “the City of Trees,” in a small town (pop. 1500) called Hamilton City. Come spring time all of nature was smiling brightly at me. On my drives to school I would pass almond orchards, beaming white and pink, trees were rich with color and everything would smell sooo fresh! Spring is my favorite season for all of the reasons I just mentioned AND because one of my favorite holidays takes place during spring: EARTH DAY!

Bon appetit!

And finally, our pizza’s are baked and ready for our second summer in MANZI VILLAGE!!

Now, if you’ve spent this time wondering, whats up with my obsession with pizza, OR if you’re not sure how to pronounce my name, it might be helpful to know that my name actualy rhymes with pizza! So feel free to call me Nitza Pizza, or just Pizza when we meet! I can’t wait to be with you all at Camp Augusta and learn what makes up your personal pizza!



Some quick fun facts before I go:

  • I have an impeccable Blue’s Clues impression
  • I love to sing a song about the US Presidents in my free time
  • I can (kind of) juggle
  • I became OBSESSED with my character in an EP last summer, so be on the lookout for a kooky wizard you may have met before!

See you soon!

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