Nitza (like Pizza)

Hello! Nitza like Pizza here, back for my fourth summer in the magical woods of Camp Augusta. If we haven’t met before you might be wondering why I call myself “like Pizza,” well that is because my name, quite a unique one in my experience, rhymes with the word ‘Pizza.” And so as a way to teach people how to say my name, I will introduce myself, “Nitza, like Pizza.”

This summer I will be returning to my favorite place on camp, Manzanita Village as a counselor!! I am so excited to connect with campers, old friends, new friends and all things I love most about Camp Augusta. To kick off our connection let me share a few bits about me:

  • I grew up in Northern California but will claim Arizona as home as well
  • I LOVE History – I have a degree in history and I love pretty much all of it, so ask me about it!
  • I spent the past year and a half teaching social studies in Indianapolis
  • I have moved to at least three places before ever having visited them
  • In my free time I like to listen to/talk about/play music, be outdoors, spend time with loved ones, and watch/discuss movies
  • My favorite place at camp is the Manzi Shire, but I think the best place to stargaze is the campfire circle

I view myself as a student in all things! Here are some things I hope to learn this summer:

  • More about our awesome campers:
    • Teach me an odd talent/skill you have!
  • How to be a more patient and compassionate listener
  • How to trust myself and my instincts – I believe being in nature is one of the best ways to cultivate self-empowerment
  • The best ways for me to incorporate play, joy, and sincere intention in all that I do

I can’t wait to see you on our favorite wood chips so we can laugh and grow together! Until then…

Campingly yours,