Greetings!!! My name is Nick, and I’ll be serving as one of Camp Augusta’s Masters of
Fun & Games this summer! As we prepare to host what is definitely going to be our
most ridiculously
awesome//fun/spectacular/unforgettable/supercalifragilisticexpialidocious year yet, I’m
so excited to have you here reading my bio page. Without further ado, allow me to
introduce myself!

I’m proud to say that I’ve rotated around our sun 23 times. I grew up in San Bernardino,
California. As you can probably tell from these photos of baby me, I was a pretty
hilarious tiny human. I was for sure a ‘class clown’ who always loved to be at the center
of making my friends laugh, which I suppose is still a fairly accurate way to describe my
personality! Back then I was obsessed with dinosaurs, Godzilla, Star Wars,
superheroes, tacos, and a bunch of other totally sweet things that I quite frankly
continue to be obsessed with today.

As I grew a bit older, I started to get involved with activities like my high school speech
& debate team and my YMCA’s Model United Nations program. These experiences
really helped me to discover some of my deeper passions; advocating for the needs of
others, facilitating creative/collaborative problem-solving, promoting the values of
sustainability, and ultimately striving to create positive change in the world.

Not only was I inspired to pursue a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s
degree in global affairs, but I also realized in 2019 that all of these passions and core
values of mine could be explored as a summer camp counselor! Returning to a YMCA
camp I had previously attended as a kiddo, I quickly learned that being a counselor may
not be the easiest gig around… But it sure is one of the most exciting, hilarious,
rewarding, genuinely fun jobs to ever exist. That said, I can’t wait to meet all of you!!!

Now that the life story’s over, I invite you to peruse some completely
random yet somewhat interesting facts about yours truly.
-My favorite thing in the world is traveling. Some of my favorite places where I’ve
studied/visited are Germany, Guam, Iceland, and Spain! The next big one on my
bucketlist would probably be New Zealand.

-A long-term dream of mine is to one day work for an inter-governmental organization
like the United Nations. The closest I’ve gotten so far was running my YMCA’s Model
UN program a couple years ago.
-I’m what some might call a rollercoaster enthusiast.
-It’s impossible for me to sit through Avengers 4 without crying at least twice.
-I was mildly impressed after meeting Jim Starlin (the creator of Thanos).
-If the food’s not spicy, there’s a good chance I wish it was.
-My favorite animal is a sasquatch.
-I’ve been a Phoenix Suns fan since the day I was born.
-I refuse to believe that Mountain Dew-Baja Blast is anything less than the single
greatest invention in human history. Friendship bracelets are an extremely close