Hello there, all you magical folks 😀

My name is Melina, and this will be my first season at Camp Augusta!! I couldn’t be more excited to instill a whole lot of wish, wonder, and surprise in the hearts of those I get to meet this summer!

I have always had a strong affinity for all things otherworldly, so I’m going to describe the different aspects of myself through different mystical creatures!!

~ Mermaid ~
Ever since I was a young girl, and throughout my whole life, I’ve dreamed of being a mermaid. Here are some of the reasons why I resonate with these finned fantasy creatures so much:

  • I’ve always adored being near and submerging myself in oceans, rivers, and lakes; I love swimming and often imagine what my life would be like underwater! One of my dreams in life is to be able to swim with sea turtles and dolphins 🙂 I have gone snorkeling, where I was able to see the most beautiful coral reefs and technicolor fish, and I so badly want to go scuba diving someday!!
  • Throughout my entire 25 years of life, I have loved to sing. Singing is my favorite form of expression and one of my deepest passions!!! I was in musicals for much of my life and adore many shows (especially HAMILTON!!) I can’t wait to sing songs with everyone at camp 🙂
  • I love to dive deep in many aspects of life! Emotionally, mentally, you name it! I’m very much looking forward to evening embers and getting to have heart-to-hearts with my campers and those I meet at camp! I spent the last handful of years learning about the mind, and earned my bachelors degree in Psychology. I intend to go back to grad school to get a masters degree in Counseling psychology!

[Photo 1: Snorkeling in Thailand | Photo 2: Swimming in a waterfall in Thailand | Photo 3: A picture I took of my home area in Trinidad, CA | Photo 4: Another picture near where I live, Lost Coast, CA | Photo 5: My dad and I during my graduation from Humboldt State University | Photo 6: My sister, dad, brother, and I before seeing Hamilton in SF]

~ Faerie ~
These tiny creatures relate to who I am in these ways:

  • I would LOVE to have wings and be able to fly anywhere I wish!! I love to explore, traveling is one of my greatest passions. I have traveled all around the west and east coast in the US, and a few of the states in the middle; internationally, I have been to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, England, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand!! There are countless places I still would like to visit, and I plan on doing as much traveling as I can in the upcoming years 🙂
  • I adore prancing around and playing with hula hoops as a form of dance and expression in movement; when I use two hoops at once, I sometimes call them my faerie wings, because they really make me feel like a faerie when playing with them!
  • I love to make magic and playful mischief in any way I can; playing games, going on adventures, and being theatrical are all integral to my personality!! I can’t wait for all the moments where we will be dressing up and acting silly, running wild through the woods, and partaking in amazing activities together at camp 🙂


[Photo 1: Playing with my hoops in a forest near my home | Photo: 2 Shanghai, China | Photo 3: At the Great Wall of China | Photo 4: At a temple in Cambodia | Photo 5: Playing with my friend’s daughter in Shanghai Disneyland | Photo 6: A tree growing out a temple ruin in Cambodia]

~ Elf ~
These beings of the natural world have long held a soft spot in my heart, here’s why:

  • I have an undying love for all things natural. Outside is where I feel most at home! I love to go backpacking, and most recently went on a week long backpacking trip to Joshua Tree! (I always go on backpacking trips with my hoops strapped to my backpack, teehee) I have also backpacked through the Marble Mountains, the Trinity Alps, and the Lost Coast, and there are so many more wilderness areas I want to explore!
  • I have been lucky enough to live on the redwood coast of Humboldt county in northern California for the last 3 years, which is one of the most naturally gorgeous places I’ve ever lived in! I spend as much time as I can frolicking through the forest, admiring all the flora and fauna, and even foraging for mushrooms with my friends when I can!!
  • One of my best friends began teaching me how to play the ukulele about a year ago; I’m no pro yet, but I simply adore finding a nice spot under a tall tree and playing on this small stringed instrument of mine! I always feel quite elven when I’m sitting in the forest and playing the uke 🙂


[Photo 1: Looking up at a massive redwood | Photo 2: My friend and I getting ready for a day of hiking | Photo 3: A picture I took of some Oyster mushrooms | Photo 4: A picture I took from the Trinity Alps | Photo 5: Trying to be like the ferns | Photo 6: My friend and I ridge-walking along the Lost Coast]

~ Witch ~
**A good witch!** Witches tend to have a bad reputation in society, but they aren’t all malevolent! These are some reasons why I relate to witches:

  • I love to experiment and create different types of foods, using an array of herbs and spices! Sometimes when I’m cooking with a big pot, I like to think of it as my cauldron 😉
  • I love trying out different herbal remedies, healing balms, and teas. Essential oils too! I am also a firm believer in casting positive spells—that is, using my words and actions to help myself and those around me thrive!
  • Healing and helping others to the best of my abilities is what drives me; I worked at an at-risk youth shelter over the last year and a half! I absolutely love working with children, and being able to help youth in my community get the aid they need was a wonderful experience.
  • I am very loyal, and love doing what I can to care for my family, friends, and animals!! I’m lucky enough to have family members (immediate and extended) that I’m super close with. I have an older sister who is only 18 months older than me (people have mistaken us for twins a lot throughout our lives!) and a little brother who is 10 years younger than me! I loved being able to have the experience of watching over him and growing and playing with him throughout the years!

[Photo 1: Some of my best friends/ roommates gathering for dinner | Photo 2: A basket of apples from a day of apple-picking and Nahla the spooky cat | Photo 3: Drawing on the underside of a shelf mushroom | Photo 4: My brother, sister, and I at a baseball game | Photo 5: Playing with costumes at a thrift store]

Well there you have it, folks! I want to save the rest of the getting to know me part for camp!!!
Before I go, I have a question for my campers: What’s your favorite mystical creature and why?!

Ta-ta for now <3

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