My name is Meg, and I am so excited to be spending my summer at Camp :) I’m from Chico CA, but have been living in Spain for the four months leading up to camp. When not in Spain or Chico, I was living in Richmond, Indiana attending Earlham College. However, I just graduated from Ealrham with a Biology degree, yay! Some things about me, and what brings me joy:

  • I love hanging with horsey pals 
  • I play a sport where I look like a marshmallow person
  • I love to learn new languages (I’m learning spanish right now)
  • I love spending times in the trees and up high
  • Swimming in creeks is the best!
  • BIRDSSSSS, ask me more about them

Enough about me for now, but I am looking forward to getting to know you when you get to camp!!! 

** Bonus points if you can guess my full name ;)

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