A Brief History of Margaret Murphy:

Hello!! My name is Margaret, but most call me Meg. To be completely honest I respond to anything close to either of these names: Marge, Margie, Meggy, Peggy, Mega, or Megalinda, so take your pick! I have experience 18 years of life. This will be my eighth year knowing about camp, I have been a camper in Oak and a CIRCLEr, and I loved every moment at camp. I am originally from Chico California, but I am currently studying Biology and Spanish at Earlham College in Indiana.


A Few Things that make me happy in this World:

  • Horses!!!
  • Playing field hockey- if you want to know more just ask, I would gladly play with you!
  • Spending time appreciating Mother Nature
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone
  • Meaningful conversations
  • Contagious laughs and smiles
  • Making connections with others
  • Swinging from the top of Tiny!
  • A warm blanket
  • Saving worms from being stepped on
  • Making new animal friends


5 things I can’t wait to experience at camp:

  1. Meeting our new horse friends
  2. Chasing you all in CTF
  3. Supporting you all and learning new things about you all
  4. Making a mess and having fun doing it
  5. Growing and learning something new every day


Goodbye for now!! See y’all this Summer!!!!!!!

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