Hellooo wonderful beings, I’m Marina!

AKA Mina Rina Rosa Parks Meanie Moonie Monkey Goose

…or Mina for short (:

Who dat?

I’ve been soaking up the sun for almost 22 years now; every day being as I am: from a hyper oddball to a mellow cool cat and everything in between. I grew up in Sacramento, CA, but have pretty much lived all over Cali.

Fun Facts:
  • I don’t understand spicy food (it hurts… why eat it?)
  • Sea Foam Green is the best color my eyes have ever seen
  • “True dat sista cat” and “Que pasa Mufasa” are a normal part of my everyday speech
  • People sometimes like to describe me as annoyingly optimistic
  • I love me some good BBQ ribs and sushi


Don’t let that smile fool ya. I was shivering my booty off! Brrr

Gotta love us crazy kids

Catch the Kid

This is my very first year at Camp Augustaaa! WOO-HOO!! I’ll be an Oak counselor and I couldn’t be more pumped up about it! Before this awesome gig I was a…. are you ready for this? …Fine Arts & Cultural Enrichment, Health & Life Skills, and Leadership Development Specialist, then the Teen Coordinator (blah blah blah… that was a mouthful, right?) at a Boys and Girls Club in Martienz, CA.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is break the “norm” of what an adult is. Through the work I’ve done, I realize life is way better when I give myself permission to “act like a kid” fully expressed and 100% alive (yeah, you can do that… like whaaaaat)! As it turns out, I love games, dressing up, making weird voices, dancing around like I’m silk scarf in the wind, and cracking TERRIBLE dad jokes! It’s the best!!(:

Short (kind of) & Sweet

I can go on and on… and on about my many quirks and extensive background, but who doesn’t love a mystery? Anyways, I’m much more interested in getting to know you!

Smiles all around and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

With love and gratitude,


P.S. What if there are no accidents? What if it’s no accident that you and I stumbled upon this dream come true of a camp at the same time?? Just food for thought…

P.P.S Although language does fascinate me, I LOVE pictures! Even more than the written word often times, especially while learning about people and who they are. So, below and to the right, you’ll find a jumble of random moments of my life in the form of photos. Enjoy!

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