My name is Makia. Originally an east coast transplant hailing from Maryland. A decade ago I made my way all over the contiguous US and landed in the beauteous ponderosa forests of Nevada county.

I’m delighted that this will be my second summer in the kitchen at Camp Augusta. This year returning as the kitchen witch for those with unique dietary requirements and food sensitives; aka your AD culinary wizard.

Outside of Camp I spend my days as a massage therapist and structural integration specialist with a background in non-violent communication, somatic healing and trauma informed care practice. I’ve explored and dabbled a vast realm of dietary lifestyles from paleo-centric and ketogenic to macrobiotic and raw veganism. My food philosophy centers around my desire to bring about greater health for people and planet by focusing on local produce, vibrant organic foods, minimal waste and a passion for sustainable farming practices, thus the kitchen of Augusta is an ideal spot to be of service as I can attend to all of those key components. I think of food not just as a requirement for obvious things like, survival, but thrive-ability, as a supportive ally in nurturing our bodies for physical health and scaffolding our mental wellbeing.

Outside of camp passions centre around gardening, sustainable farming, waste free living and influencing overall health through clean eating and lifestyle, eco sculpture utilizing land-based materials, learning languages (currently Swedish, Norwegian and Irish-Gaeilge), fermentation sciences, frequenting hotsprings and the art of burlesque and exploring the sites and rich culture of the Green Isle / Ireland, where I moved back in February and will return post season.

I’m so delighted to see what wonder and magic this summer has in store.