Hewwo! It me. My name is Maeve. I’m a first year counselor in Manzi this summer, but this is my tenth year at camp. You’ll usually see me in short-overalls (shorteralls), with a flower crown, carrying my green hydro flask covered in stickers. I’ll be on silks, practicing my fire spinning dart skills, or running around in character during evening programs. I love organization and scheduling, so this year I’m going to be working in the office with the puppet master, Lucy, in addition to having a cabin. Be prepared to have silly wake ups filled with crazy costumes and loud noises from my (out of tune) viola. I’m also very good at braiding hair, don’t hesitate to ask.

When I started coming to camp, I was 11 years old in Manzi 2. That’s me in the picture of my first cabin – I’m second from the left. All I wanted to do was hold a chicken. After many summer’s at camp, I got over my intense fear of heights, learned how to jump on a horse, passed archery level 3, obtained my 5 year box, and failed Mission Impossible 3. I’ve had 3 birthdays at camp, this will be my 4th, and I love sharing it with everyone. I went through both the CIRCLE and Junior Counselor programs to learn a lot about camp, counseling, and leadership, and will gladly talk to anyone about my experience. This year I want to shoot the fire phoenix, spin dart at opening campfire, and participate in an EP skit, as well as making friends with as many people as I can! Let’s make this year the best year at camp!

I’m originally from Piedmont, California and I go to school in Southern California. At home, I live with my mom, dad, and 3 younger brothers. I’m an animator at Chapman University, and this year I completed my first film! It’s about a pig who dreams about flying an airplane. I play ultimate frisbee in the little freetime I have. I played soccer for years before switching to Track and Field. In my senior year at Piedmont High I played Caesar Rodney in 1776, for half the show on stage and played in the orchestra the other half. I have 2 dogs at home, a bulldog and a mutt. I love animals, especially doggos. I love baking. And when I say “baking”, I mean taking a boxed cake and following all the directions. I drink a lot of tea, if you ever need recommendations, I gotchu.

Fun Facts about me! (All are 100% true, honest)

  1. I am really allergic to poison oak. (ask Ericka if you want stories on when I got it at camp)
  2. I can pole vault over a 7’6” bar.
  3. I played the viola. No, it is not a big violin, it’s a tiny cello.
  4. I have never broken a bone. (knock on wood)
  5. I eat my cereal dry (no milk).
  6. I have held a hawk and a falcon. On my arm, with a large leather glove, like medieval times.
  7. I have climbed a mountain in Scotland Ben A’an, near Loch Katrine.
  8. I LOVE DOGS. I have two at home and I love them so much and miss them so much.
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