Evening Program: Summer 2021

Station: Master of Fun and Games Hands/Brain – Barn Sprite

Character: Maeve (age 21)

Description: She is an Animation Major at Chapman University. She has been going to Camp Augusta since she was 11 years old, but this is her first year as a counselor. She will most likely be found in the barn. She has 3 younger brothers back home, and 2 cute dogs.

Her favorite things are drawing, reading and hanging out with friends. She likes playing dungeons and dragons with her family, and watching movies. She is allergic to poison oak, and has gotten it all over her face during a camp session. She is minorly obsessed with medieval castles and outfits, and has done falconry.

She has fallen into at least 2 different fairy circles and can confirm the existence of unicorns. If she had 3 wishes, the first two would be used to better the world in some way and the third would be sky whales. She doesn’t like milk in her cereal. In a fantasy world she would be classified as either a tall dwarf or a short human.

She hopes to one day visit every continent. She wants to be a stunt person at some point in her life. She wants to have electromagnetic manipulation superpowers. And she enjoys creating characters and world building. She collects stickers and pressed pennies.

Location: Oakland, California

Tasks: Her role is to organize the barn, facilitate story experiences, set up/break down evening programs and playstations, and general tomfoolery creating Wish, Wonder and Surprise for the campers.

For clinics, she will most likely be helping campers with aerial silks in addition to various crafty clinics.

She will be around during meal times to talk or play games with cabins, and will accept any and all friendship bracelets either gifted to her or found on the ground. She is also available to burn on level bracelets, and eat your lazy dog if you cannot finish it.

Come play “how many mosquito bites does Maeve have?” every dinner time. The record currently is about 30 bites.



  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Clip board
  • Pencil
  • Tissues
  • Various rocks
  • Friendship bracelet string
  • Bees?
  • Random bits of paper
  • Bullet Journal
  • Expo Marker

Costume: She tends to wear shorter-alls, a short sleeved shirt, and leggings with tennis shoes. Although, she can be found lurking around the costume closet searching for a cloak or onesie.

Inspirational Photos:

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