Hello, fellow Martians. I have recently discovered an interesting new Earthling research subject during yet another secret voyage to Earth. To my knowledge, the Earthling has yet to notice the surveillance. Here are the notes and photos I’ve gathered thus far:

NAME: Madeline, AKA Maddy.

AGE: 18 Earth years, 9.5 Martian years.

LOCATION: Subject currently resides in San Mateo, CA and will soon inhabit Connecticut College.

PERSONALITY: Subject has done much research into the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and has concluded that she is definitely an INTP. In addition to typing herself, she keeps an extensive list (she loves lists and patterns) of the personality types of everyone she knows. Subject is known to ramble about her various passions and is sometimes described by family and friends as “odd in a good way.” Her love language is quality time.

ACTIVITIES: Subject engages in rowing, teaching herself guitar, being a student newspaper editor, going on long podcast walks, editing Wikipedia pages, rubber stamp carving, collage journaling, sending weekly letters to friends, long-distance running, writing, and reading, as well as other necessary human functions such as eating and sleeping. My research tells me that these various activities bring the subject the human emotion “joy.”

INTERESTS: Subject is highly interested in screenplays, science fiction worldbuilding, creating a new language from scratch, sketch comedy, and film soundtracks. According to her music library, her favorite album is When the Pawn… by Fiona Apple and her top songs are “Sister Golden Hair” by America, “Presumably Dead Arm” by Sidney Gish, “Blue Coupe” by Twin Peaks, and “Layla” by Derek and the Dominos. It is also important to note that the subject’s favorite movies are The Social Network, Little Women, Free Solo, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and her favorite TV shows are Nathan for You, Anne with an E, Community, and Fleabag.

OTHER IMPORTANT NOTES: Subject also seems to have a strong connection to a place called Camp Augusta, which she has attended for five years as a “camper” and “CIRCLEr.” Although these terms are unfamiliar to Martians, they essentially mean that she spent her summers having the most wacky, heartfelt, and wonderful, time in the forest with other Earthlings. If my information is correct, she will be making her yearly voyage to this “summer camp” again this planet cycle as a Junior Counselor, which she is incredibly excited for.

I hope you have found my research regarding this Earthling interesting and informative. I’m sure you will be able to learn more about her with some extra surveillance at this Camp Augusta.