Hellooooooo Camp Augusta world! My name is Luna or Loon (I like both!) and my pronouns are they/them/theirs.  I’m writing this from my cozy couch on land originally stewarded by the Lenni Lenape people, and what is now commonly known as Philadelphia. I am looking out at the snow and tingling with excitement at the idea of communing with the California sun.

I’m so excited to be joining this community as the wellness counselor, where I will be supporting the staff in taking deep breaths, connecting to themselves, and, most importantly, tapping into their own awe and wonder. I hope to find time to also connect to campers, and I am particularly excited about learning how to keep bees! I also love hanging out with trees and swimming in natural bodies of water and am excited to do both with this amazing community. I love being goofy with kids of all ages and I want to be singing songs ALL THE TIME.

Some things to know about me:

  • I’ve been spending time at summer camps for almost 20 years!!!
  • By the time camp starts, I will have completed my master’s in social work degree from Bryn Mawr University. In addition to classes, I work as a therapist in community mental health where I work with kids and adults. I also work one day a week at the juvenile justice services center offering therapy and support to incarcerated youth.
  • I am connected to my Jewish ancestry and identity and am currently in training to be a Jewish priestess! I love engaging in and facilitating rituals, especially around grief, joy, nature, the Jewish holidays, and the way those things all connect. I am super into learning about Jewish Time and am happy to talk about it with anyone!
  • I have read the Harry Potter series over 50 times in total and am absolutely ready to nerd out about it anytime, anywhere. The verdict is still out on which house I am in, and I am open to receiving feedback. I also believe in magic, obviously.
  • I am an astrologer and love exploring people’s birth charts with them