Hello! My name is Lo and I’m 30 years old. I studied Japanese at Clemson University while performing as a fire dancer in a local circus and before arriving at camp,  I worked as a Teachers assistant for fourth and fifth grade. After camp this summer, I’m going to teach English in Japan. I have a lot of hobbies but my number one love is practicing circus arts followed closely by making crafts and costumes.

– I knew Camp Augusta was the one for me as soon as I saw it. It isn’t just a job, It’s an experience and learning opportunity for staff as well as the campers, and I am so excited to share in this experience with you!

– In addition to my Job at the elementary school, I also referee youth football and have run kids demos with my circus. Really I’m just a big kid at heart and I love playing around with children of all ages and teaching them new and exciting skills.

– I don’t think it’s possible to come away from Augusta without growth. I hope that I can personally help the campers grow into more confident and sure individuals.

– A fun fact about me: Two years ago, I WALKED from the east coast of the United States all the way to San Francisco. The trip took over 6 months and 3 pairs of shoes…

– I’m really excited to meet all of the campers and make memories with them. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to teach each other.

– Now for a riddle! A bus leaves Sacramento for camp going 65 miles an hour. At the same time, a counselor leaves camp on a bike going towards Sacramento at 50 Kilometers an hour. When they pass each other, which one will be closer to camp?

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