Hi! Hello! Howdy! How do you do! Welcome to my staff biography! My name is Elizabeth, better know as Lizzie, and I’m a counselor in beautiful, scenic Oak Village!

I could have written a staff bio with just the basics – my favourite colour is periwinkle, my main fears are spiral staircases and the country of Finland, and when I grow up I want to be a golden retriever named Daisy! Instead, I have crafted for you a deeply convoluted, potentially difficult to understand, definitely over the top experience! So, welcome to the City of Lizzie! Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your tour. There is a reference map provided, but don’t worry – each stop will be explained.

Our first stop is Childhood Old Town (1). Founded on September 14, 1998 by Jan and Paul, this is the oldest part of the City that the rest is built around.

1A, the Residential Area. This area is where some of the people I love the most in the world live – my family and friends who have shaped who I’ve become! Most importantly, this is where you would find my mother (Jan), father (Paul), and brother (Robert)!

1B, the Animal Shelter. I have been absolutely obsessed with animals, especially dogs, since I can remember. I couldn’t imagine not having my dog, Donner, in my life! He is my best friend even though he loves destroying my personal belongings and invading my personal space.

1C, the Old Town Library. My childhood pastime that has stuck with me the most is, without a doubt, my love of books and reading. As a child you could find me with a book just about any moment, and that hasn’t changed one bit. For more information, see 2D!

1D, the Old Town Park. As a kid, my favourite moments were spent running through the woods – especially the woods of Augusta! That’s right – before I became a counselor, I was a camper myself, and I loved nothing more than those few short weeks on the woodchips. I loved it so much that I just couldn’t help but keep coming back! I’ve been in Oak Village almost always, except a short stint spent in (of all places) Pine!

1E, the Museum of Childhood. Here we have a carefully curated collection of some more obscure reference images, illustrating what my childhood looked like!

Next, we leave the University Gate, arriving in Modern New Town (2).

2A, the University. My main activity right now is studying at the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland! I’m currently in my third year of my MA (Hons) English Literature degree (see 1C, 2B-D), and I could NOT be happier! PLEASE talk to me about literature!

2B, the Book Shop. If you can’t find me, try a used bookstore! One of my favorite smells in the world is an old book!

2C, the Café. Can’t find me in a Book Shop? Try a cosy café! In all likelihood, I’ll be sheltering from the Scottish weather, catching up with a friend, or writing another essay with some tea or coffee and a slice of cake!

2D, the New Town Library. The University of Edinburgh Main Library probably sees more of me than anywhere else! I’m here just about every day (I’m writing this from the Library!), reading and writing, but I wouldn’t have it any other way – oh, to live a life surrounded by books! There’s a fair bit of crossover with the Old Town Library, but here we have much more of a focus on Medieval and Renaissance texts (anyone excited about having a conversation in Middle English?).

2E, the Bakery. Whenever I have too much time, too little time, or I’m even a little stressed, I bake, which is great for my friends. I’m also on the committee UoE Baking Society!

2F, the Brain. This is here because I love to think, talk, and discuss! What are you passionate about, and are you willing to teach me about it?

2G, my Bed! One of my favourite things in the world is sleeping, and I like to do it as much as possible! If only I were a very, very lazy cat…

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Next, outside of the Identity Gate, we have the Who Am I? District (3).

3A, the Botanical Gardens. I love plants! I am a firm believer that even just seeing a plant can improve your mood, so I’ve included a picture of my favourite – my hanging ivy (don’t tell the others). (Image 9)

3B, where? This isn’t so much a place as a conglomeration of two – California and Scotland, my two homes. I grew up in California (except for a little bit), but have lived in Edinburgh for 3 years, and it has become not only where I live, but is now my home.

3C, the Art Studio. I LOVE creating art! Any medium at all, I just love getting creative!

3D, Chocolate. That’s all.3E, the Music Hall. I’m a big lover of music, and I try to play the piano whenever I can, although there’s not much time for it. I love any kind of music, especially classical and indie/alternative folksy tunes, as well as any cheesy classics!

3F, the Pool. I love water! I’ve played water sports for years, and at camp I’m a lifeguard. When I was a camper, I tried to do swim for fun as much as I possibly could!

3G, the Comedy Club. I love laughing, making people laugh, telling and hearing jokes! What’s your best joke? Come tell it to me!

3H, back to plants. I try my very best to maintain a plant based diet, and at camp I maintain a veggie diet! (you can try and pry my oat milk out of my cold, dead hands…)

3I, the Outdoors! I love the great outdoors and love to camp, hike, and do anything I can in the wilderness whenever possible (this drawing is meant to be a tent…)

Next up is the International Quarter (4), in the North of the city, just outside of the Travel Gate.

4A, the Train Station. I love traveling and seeing and experiencing new places more than just about anything else! I’ve been to 20 countries (and counting), and can’t wait to go to more! The reason this is a train station is because the train is my favourite travel method – I thought I’d like boats but unfortunately I get terribly seasick L. Here’s me in Ireland, Italy, and Germany!

4B, Jeremy’s House. Jeremy is one of my best friends, and we travel everywhere together! He’s very easy to travel with and doesn’t even have to buy a seat on a plane. Why? Because he’s a stuffed hedgehog! Can you tell where he is in these photos?

4C, International Cuisine. I love all sorts of food – especially the ones I have while travelling! Some favourites of mine? Pierogi, pelmeni, homemade Italian pasta, and the Finnish candy Tyrkisk Peber in the flavour “hot and sour”.

Next, we have the Arts Region (5).

5A, the Theatre. I LOVE all things theatrical, especially obscure plays and operas. Ask me about my attempt to see Tosca at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen and all the things that went wrong!
5B, the Art Museum. I absolutely can’t go a anywhere without wanting to see their art collections – show me a medieval art exhibit and I’ll be captivated for hours! One of my favourite hobbies is collecting post cards of my favourite paintings from all the museums I go to! Some personal favourite artists are Bramante, Simone Peterzano, Carlo Crivelli, and any of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.
5C, the History Museum. I am absolutely obsessed with history, and have been since I was a child. I love old buildings, architecture, literature, music, and everything in between. If I didn’t study literature, I would definitely be a History student!

Moving on, we come to the unbounded area of The Great Outdoors (6). The landmarks here aren’t really categorized as such, but you can see some of my favourite places – the California beaches where I would spend my childhood summers, the Coastal Redwoods where I love to walk my dog, the rolling hills and magnificent Crags of Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park and Pentland Hills that makes up my back garden, and the Snowy Slopes of the mountains that provide for all sorts of magnificent skiing adventures!

Finally, we have the Great Unknown (7). There are a few paths in here, but after them I’m not sure what will happen! We have the completion of uni and my time at Camp, but that’s about the only certainty in this region.

And here, we come to the completion of our tour! Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about the City of Lizzie, but know that there will certainly be a lot more time to learn about the twisting closes and tiny alleys of who I am that simply don’t fit into this tiny little map! With this, I must leave you, but I anxiously await our introduction upon your impending arrival on the magical woodchips of Augusta. Until then, intrepid traveller, I leave you with a few odd images and my deep excitement about the prospect of meeting you!

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