García López de Cárdenas was an explorer during the 16th century.

He was a part of an expedition with a simple task, find the fabled “Seven Cities of Gold.”

Although, his journey did not end with physical “gold” he found something much more valuable.

The Grand Canyon.

It took me 24 years to stumble across my own version of the Grand Canyon, Camp Augusta!

Oh, the similarities! Gold’s chemical symbol is Au (Wink* Wink* AUgusta!)

The purest form of gold is defined as 24 karat gold (Wink* Wink* 24 years old)

So naturally, I shall attempt to share the purest form of myself in 24 Fun Facts

  • I learned to Ice Skate at age 3. My favorite memory is playing in Lake Placid where Team USA triumphed over Team USSR during what is known as “The Miracle on Ice.”
  • My Favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers. (I LOVE GRITTY)
  • This will be my first summer at Augusta. I will be a counselor in Cedar Village.
  • I grew up not far from Philadelphia in a town called Medford, New Jersey. In this town was Camp Ockanickon where I spent 15 summers! My favorite activities are boating and the Challenge Course!
  • I have worked on multiple challenge courses. One was in Waialua, Hawaii. There, I spent a year working at Camp Erdman where I got my first taste in belaying participants. I’d love to teach you how to tie a Svelte (elegant) figure eight knot!
  • I’ve held a job at The Summit USA where we built, maintained, and inspected challenge courses. Here are some of the favorite ones I’ve worked on!
  • My favorite book is The Emerald Mile. It’s a story in the Grand Canyon involving dories (rowboats), nature, and conservancy.
  • That book influenced my desire to build a row boat. My grandfather shares this dream and has passed along his own boat building books to me!
  • I’ve built my own road bicycle before & want to build a mountain bike. I feel that working with my hands is extremely rewarding.
  • California will be the 6th state that I have lived in. I’ve spent time in New Jersey, New York City, Hawaii, Philadelphia, PA, and Baltimore, MD!
  • While moving around, I was able to receive a bachelor’s degree in psychology. It was all made possible through resilience and online educational programs. Where to next? 😊
  • I love my cats, Bezel & Ibby, and I consider them my babies!
  • I want to become a volunteer firefighter; I was a junior firefighter throughout high school.
  • I currently live with my grandparents, and I cherish getting to spend time in their company.
  • I have two favorite colors: Pine Green for the Pine Barrens I grew up in, and Maroon for the endless fields of blueberry bushes near my town.
  • My favorite animal is the Racoon. There’s nothing wrong with a Trash Panda!
  • My two favorite Artists? Shakey Graves & Charley Crockett. As the Shark from Toy Story would say “Howdy, Howdy, Howdy!”
  • I want to write a book one day, maybe a podcast? What are your favorite Stories!?
  • I have led backpacking trips down the Delaware River & the Appalachian Trail. My trail name is “Sumac” Feel free to ask how that came to be!
  • I was a line cook at a restaurant named Goldie, a vegan falafel shop, which inspired my love for cooking. Sauces are my specialty!
  • I love Mountain Laurel; it is a flower which only blooms from May to June.
  • Bees intrigue me! I want to own hives one day.
  • Bees & Flowers? My favorite season is the spring. I admired the blooming plants, awakening animals, and the sheer happiness knowing camp is around the corner!
  • I am extremely and undeniably excited to meet everyone & experience the wish, wonder, and surprise that Camp Augusta has to offer!

Well, there you have it.

The purest 24 karat expedition bound Camp Augusta Cedar counselor:

Kristoffer Parker

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