The first time I felt the calling drawl of the Colorado River deep within the depths of the Grand Canyon was from the pages of The Emerald Mile.

I travelled out to see this wonder for myself. At the top of the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, I discovered an unexplainable feeling while I peered over the rim. Unexplainable do to the sheer size of the canyon in front of me, stretching beyond the edges of my gaze in either direction. The scale of the canyon called for much more than a singular glance into its depths.  

Similarly, one can not discover all the intricacies of Camp Augusta in a single summer. So, I have returned for the summer of 2020 to help guide our Wilderness Trips, and dive deeper into the Augusta lifestyle.

Hello! My name is Kristoffer Parker.

Former Cedar, Piney, & Wilder boy, I return from spending the winter on top of the Rockies in Aspen Colorado. Adventure and Possibility are two themes within my life lately. Below are a few new things made possible by following a passion of adventure.

I moved to Colorado and learned to Ski! (As I write this in February I’m on skier day 62)

I went on my first multi pitch climb.

I began reading Harry Potter for the first time! (On book 5, no spoilers please!)

I finally purchased a Dungeon Master’s Guidebook and began training to be a DM.

I rediscovered Joshua Tree – My first stop on a road trip a few years ago before the Grand Canyon.

I Skied my first Double Black

I developed a love of Birds – especially Magpies (The photo is a Canada Jay)

I drove sleds (snowmobiles) for the 2020 winter X-Games.

I often ask myself what my next adventures will be… Here is a few items of my bucket list

Score a job as a Ski Patroller – (Bonus points if I become best friends with a rescue dog)

Summit Mount Shasta.

Try out Ice Climbing.

Lead my first Dungeon & Dragons Campaign.

Celebrate my younger brother graduating High School & my older brother’s wedding.

Develop skills in climbing & go on another multi-pitch climb. 

These are only a few! I’m looking forward to crossing some off and spending yet another summer filled with Wish, Wonder, & Surprise!

You may hear me called: KP aka Sumac aka Big ol’ Labrador.

“Those who dance are considered mad by those who cannot hear the music”

-The Siren Song of the Summit

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