Welcome my little cookies! My asparagus! My sweet, sweet raspberries! Welcome to all of you: sweet, sour, salty, liquid or solid, fruit or vegetable. Welcome to a new episode of Kaylee’s cooking show!

Today I’m going to explain how an authentic Dutch-Greek recipe, called Kaylee Maxime Virginia Zournas (also called ‘Kaycray’ or ‘Max’), is made. Although it takes approximately 25 years to make, it is not too difficult. Are you wearing your apron? Cooking hat? Have you preheated your oven to the average Dutch temperature of 57.2 F?  Let’s get started!

For the ‘Kaycray’ dish you start with parental love from a Greek dad (preferably called Max) and a Dutch mother (preferably called Mendy). These main ingredients will form the base of the Kaycray! The Mendy will give the recipe warmth, respect for friendship and a caring character. The Max spices things up and gives the dish an honest and quirky twist. In addition, I would recommend to add some fraternal love. I used some 14 year old Dean, which gave the Kaycray a natural love for teaching and children.

Almost forgot to tell you, don’t be afraid to use basic cooking equipment! It will give your dish a special sense of responsibility, which can come in quite handy when you’re adding University. Regarding that ingredient, I would recommend the University of Liberty in Amsterdam. It might be a bit far from home, but it will form a strong base for the next ingredient: very, very cool friends.

But don’t limit yourself by adding only University friends: there are a lot of beautiful options to pick from! Why not add some friends from volunteering for the Green Office, a student-based sustainability platform? Or add fifteen beautiful and loving housemates, all with different interests and backgrounds? And please, do not forget the work-friends from a small law firm: they will keep your dish disciplined and well-educated. In favour of the latter, I would also add a Msc. Degree in Corporate Law.

Slowly stir the ingredients un till you see that the friends created patience, leadership and loyalty in your Kaycray. The dish probably sizzles now. It’s making typical Dutch sounds (GGGGGGGGG), that are rather uncommon for English native speakers. How uncommon? This little clip shows a British girl pronouncing the beloved ‘GGGGG’

On to the next step! You want this dish to be a healthy and conscious option. Hold back on the meat as much as possible and add a variety of sports, like weightlifting, field hockey, boxing, swimming and climbing. Make sure that every now and then you add new sports. You want to keep your dish challenged and fit! But you also want it to be happy, so add some French cheese (not the smelly one!) and Belgium fries with mayonnaise (very continental thing to do, but fries + mayonnaise = the best) every now and then.

Okay, my bowls of cereal, let’s see. I think it’s time for one of the last ingredients. This is an important one and you might be familiar with it. It’s called ‘Adventure’. Yes, with a capital A. You can be generous with this ingredient! It will encourage your Kaycray to ‘rise’, by travelling, wandering and exploring. If you look closely after adding adventure, you can see that the Kaycray studied in the UK, solo-travelled through South-East Asia and went on various camping trips in Europe.

Is this dish suitable for everyone? Although it’s not a common fast food menu, most people like the unique flavour of the Kaycray dish, especially youngsters. Why? Because the Kaycray likes to be goofy, honest and is a (quote) ‘brawling ball of energy’. Don’t get stressed out if the Kaycray starts dancing and singing in random places! It’s just a dish with a lot of energy, that loves to dress up in different costumes. It is quite common for a Kaycray to laugh a lot, about practically anything. The Kaycray has proficient experience in tutoring, teaching and babysitting (all age ranges), and uses this experience to inspire little adventurers to explore and truly enjoy their time wishing and wondering. The strong Mama Mendy base makes the Kaycray a good listener, easy to talk to and therefor it appears to be really good comfort food as well.

Are you still with me, my scoops of ice-cream? Last steps! Serve the Kaycray in California, on a colourful plate and sparkle things up with bio-degradable glitter to taste! For some extra quirkiness you can add a (slightly weird) bird-obsession and a Dutch bicycle. Kaycray’s love that kinda stuff.

Good job, my dear coconuts: now you can enjoy your authentic Greek-Dutch dish! Unfortunately, this episode of ‘Cooking with Kaylee’ has come to an end. But don’t worry! This summer I’ll be doing some live-cooking shows in California, at a magical place called Camp Augusta. I’m still putting the recipes together, but to give you a sneak preview…

A handpicked, wild berry indulged Crème Brule Tent, with whipped fresh mountain air, made crusty by the light of the stars;

A Dutch stroopwafel, horseshoe patterned, filled with the glorious sweetness of a morning ride;

An oatmeal fight, with a side dish of scrambled fun, topped off with your favourite shade of glitter. Of course, live bird imitations are optional, but never at extra charge;

A meal to your taste, completely covered in unlimited enthusiasm, build together, with loads of laughter.

I cannot even explain how excited I am to get to know you and to create numerous beautiful dishes together. But for now: goodbye, my already beloved cheeses, my spaghetti’s, my banana’s. Goodbye to the chocolate bars, the pizza’s and the salmons. Goodbye to all of you: the sweet, the sour, the salty, the liquid or the solid, fruit or vegetable, for soon we will meet at the magical grounds of Camp Augusta.



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