My name is Kamola. I was born in Uzbekistan and now I live in Colorado. I moved to the States with my family when I was 11, and since then I have worked towards my dream of becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner. Currently, I am a junior at the University of Colorado Denver, majoring in Biology and Psychology, and am hoping to apply for nursing school during the fall. Since I graduated high school, I’ve been working as a CNA at hospitals, now in a private clinic after the pandemic. This clinic is run by a Family Nurse Practitioner and we work a lot with adults and children.

I have always worked with kids since I could remember. I was first with babysitting, then I started tutoring them, but the pandemic put a wrench in those plans, and now here I am, at Camp Augusta, creating memories with children again. When I first saw the opportunity to be a counselor during the summer with children, I was super excited. Camp Augusta is such a wonderful place and has built a great community for staff and children. I am grateful I could be part of this magical place.