Hi there! Thank you for wanting to learn a little bit more about me (always happy to share)!

My name is Julie Ray, sometimes called Jules at camp. I went here for nine years as a camper (CIRCLE making it ten) and I am so incredibly excited to continue my journey at Augusta as a JC this Summer! Here’s some basic info about me:

  • I’m 17 years old
  • I am going to be a Senior at Piedmont High School in the Fall
  • I am a nationally ranked athlete in rowing
  • I learned how to spin fire and walk on stilts at Camp Augusta!
  • I love to paint, sketch, and participate in theater
  • I feel most in touch with myself when I am covered in paint and/or dirt

Here’s a picture of me with my boat in Chattanooga, TN! We travel around the country for races. Chattanooga is a super cool place with great BBQ and very cute coffee shops! I am in the top row, second from the right (if you can’t tell, I am very short compared to the girl on the right).

This is another picture of my wonderful rowing team (the group that travelled to Nationals this year)! I am the one in green on the other green gal’s back!

One of our trips for rowing took us down to sunny San Diego! This is me carrying my friend, Isabel Wang (otherwise known as Wang, Wangerz, or Chicken Wang).

My family is full of crazy athletes. Over winter, my mom and I did a “low-key” half marathon (while I was on winter break from rowing and she was training for one of her 100-mile races). I would describe it as a fun experience, although I realize that makes me sound a little odd!

Speaking of rowing, I am much more buff than all of my friends at school (who do a lot more musical theater than I do). This is a funny picture of us before a school dance this year trying to look “intimidating.” I think my biceps are more intimidating than theirs, but they might disagree.

Here’s me with my amazing and incredibly hardworking friends from rowing!! From left to right: Bridget O’Kelly, lil’ old me, Lily Rausser, and Sara Covin. These people keep me going.

I am very passionate about my artwork and deeply encourage everyone to explore their artistic side! Beauty comes in so many forms of expression. Here’s a sketch of mine!

Finally, here’s a beautiful, unfiltered and unedited picture of my sister and me at the beach in Orange County. Forever loving the awkward angles and messy hair 🙂

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