Hey there, my name is Joseph, but everyone calls me Joe and this is my first year at Camp Augusta! I’m 21 and I live in Gladstone, OR, with my mom, dad, sister, and baby nephew. I’m currently not enrolled in school but I am exploring my passion of working with kids in other ways. I work at my church where we hold a weekly club for kids, I am involved in a lunch buddy program at my local elementary school, and now I’m going to be a camp counselor!

I think what I am most excited for at camp is the many friends I am going to make, whether it be with my co-counselors or the many campers I am going to meet. Being able to make an impact is really what I want to do though, I want to be able to step back at the end of the summer and be able to know that I was the best counselor to each camper that I could be, despite whether they wanted to have as much fun as possible or they wanted to have a long talk by the fire.

I’m very excited to learn all about you, what you love, and are excited to learn about, but for now I better tell you about myself. Maybe some fun facts you can ask me about when we meet!

  1. I went to China for 2 weeks several years ago and got to go to the great wall of China and the Forbidden City, that was pretty cool!
  2. I have two dogs, named Rudy and Tootsie, they’re best friends and one of them even sleeps in my bed with me!
  3. I love to play board games with my friends and family, even if I do usually end up losing.
  4. Me and my brother drove from Washington DC to Portland Oregon in 3 days, we didn’t get to stop much be we got to see lots of beautiful sights and eat some really good food along the way.
  5. I played Tuba in high school, the biggest instrument that you can, and I also know how to play the ukulele decently well. They’re about as different from each other as you can get!
  6. I read the entire Harry Potter series in less than a week this year.
  7. My dream job when I was a kid was to work for Lego to design all the Lego sets. I would still love that job now too!
  8. I have a rock named Deril, I found him on the beach when I was in high school and ever since then I have kept him. I will send him on vacation with my friends whenever they go to some new place he’s never been. He’s actually been to more places in the world than I have!
  9. I love to work with kids, it’s what I want my job to be eventually! My favorite part is just playing and having fun though, which really isn’t work. You can usually find me playing with the kids at any gathering rather than talking to people my own age.
  10. I have a niece named Ellie who’s 4, and my nephew Nathan who’s just a baby. I love both of them very much, and I love being their fun uncle who gives them candy and swings them around till they’re dizzy!

Of course those are only a few of the many things about me, and you can always ask me about any of them, or even tell me 10 things about yourself!

I was able to take off time from my job to come to this camp and I am beyond excited. There are so many things to learn and so many friends to make!

My hope is for my campers to be able to learn something about themselves. Maybe it’s that they love archery or hiking. Maybe they learn that it’s okay to have interests that don’t fit into the norm. They can learn about people from other parts of the world and how life is like for them. Maybe they make a friend with someone they wouldn’t normally be friends with. Whatever the case, I know they’ll be having fun doing it!

Sorry I don’t take a lot of pictures. But one of them is of me when I was 14 and went to summer camp. So I hope my embarrassment makes up for there being less pictures!

In case you can’t tell, that is a picture of me and Mike (Another counselor at camp) standing on a ice covered rock in the middle of a river dabbing. Quite a hilarious story and one I will happily tell you if you ask!

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