Hello! My name’s Jimin.

This is my first summer at Camp Augusta– I’ll be working in Oak Village as a counselor and I can’t wait to meet you!
Let me share some things about myself:

– My favorite food is steamed snow crab. Yes, I have tried the famous San Francisco Dungeness crab, they are awesome, but have you tried snow crabs? You really should!
– I know how to make boba tea from scratch, milk tea and syrup and the pearls and all.
– Speaking of tea, I love tea. Herbal tea, fruit tea, iced tea… you name it. I have a small
cat figurine that I named Strada that I carry around with me to take pictures with my tea.

Meet Strada the Tea Cat!

My sister and I— it’s me on the right!

– I like making friendship bracelets, from simple braided ones to full-on Misanga designs!
– My favorite time of the day is when the sun sets. If you’re lucky, the clouds will turn pink and all pretty.
– Did I already mention that I love drinking tea?
– If you put a camera in my face, I will make a funny face 10/10.

I come from South Korea, but I’m currently going to school in New York City, where I’m studying Psychology to pursue my passion in counseling for children and adolescents. I had a lovely school community through my middle and high school years, and I always knew that I wanted to work to create a similar welcoming, warm environment for others as well. I don’t know what the future holds for me just yet, but Camp counselor seems like a great place to start!

Let’s try not to get a sunburn…

Most of my experiences with children comes from volunteering and extracurricular clubs in school. I’ve taught Mandarin Chinese to an afterschool elementary class, tutored in violin lessons, led origami classes, and participated in peer tutoring for math as well. I’m excited to join the vibrant community at Camp Augusta, outside of the traditional school environment, and learn, play, and grow together!

I love all things fun. If anything looks fun, I will give it a try. Some I’ve grown to love, like theater, tennis, baking, tarot card readings, and some… not so much maybe, like rock climbing(I am TERRIFIED of heights). I am absolutely dying to try out so many new things in Camp and enjoy them with YOU!

I am currently located in the Big Apple, and my hometown is Seoul, which is one of the busiest metropolitan cities in the world. However, I do come from a very old neighborhood full of cherry blossoms in the spring, cicada cries in the summer, and flurries of turning leaves in the fall. Being one of the last generations to have grown up without a smartphone or accessible internet, I loved learning the names of plants, picking berries and honey from flowers, and playing with dirt and sand. I’m hoping to get back in touch with nature in Camp Augusta’s fruitful wilderness, and share the experience and joy with incoming campers!

My Old Neighborhood

I can’t wait to meet you all! May our summer be filled with tons of fun, laughter, and tea. Lots of tea, because tea time is all the time.
– Jimin Lee