Hi Everyone!

My name is Jill! I am originally from the Bay Area, though the past 3 years I’ve done quite a bit of moving around, so really I find my home among family, friends and the great outdoors.

I love adventure and travel! This fall I traveled through Central America working on farms, volunteering on building projects, scuba diving, taking Spanish classes and immersing myself in the culture. After discovering a joy in learning Spanish, I moved to Seville, Spain for 3 months where I lived with a local family, practiced my Spanish and taught english.

A couple of other things I love: dogs, reading, hiking, skiing, philosophy, deep conversations, and random animal facts. Really I love anything outdoors, from rock climbing and scuba diving to my newest mission of learning to surf.

I am a PADI advanced diver working towards becoming a divemaster! My favorite place I have dived is in Indonesia.

There are few things in this world I love more than dogs!!

I learned to ski when I was 2 years old so I am about as comfortable with skis on my feet as shoes! I grew up competing in Freeride Big Mountain skiing but love to backcountry ski as well. 

After 7 wonderful years spent as an Augustan camper, as well as participating in CIRCLE, I have the pleasure of coming back to one of my favorite places on earth, spending the summer with you as a JC! I can not wait to share hugs, spontaneous dance parties and conversations with you:)