Heya! I’m Jess aka Jelly. (Jelly is my forever nickname and long time camp name) I mostly go by Jelly but you can call me Jess, Jelly, J, J Boogie.

I’m 30 years young and I went to camp as a kid and always had so much fun I wanted to have camp be a part of my adulthood! I was a counselor for a summer and kitchen staff for three! I am originally from Iowa but would like to move my way to the west coast and start a life out there. In my spare time I love hammocking, writing, painting, hanging out with friends, dressing up in a banana costume with my family dog, and cooking for other people. I have two cats named Zephora who is 8 and Ziggy who is 3, I call them Mama and Zigbert. They are the loves of my life!

I have done a lot of community service and volunteer work for the mental health community as far as walks, seminars, and generalized awareness! I also have had experience volunteering for children’s cancer awareness and breast cancer awareness. I truly enjoy being part of the education and awareness while networking and getting to know people’s experiences and backgrounds. I want to work at camp because children are raw and unfiltered and their creative drive fuels me to be more creative as well. I am positive that my working at camp I can share my love for cooking with children and hope they find a love for it as well. I look forward to meeting all of my fellow staff and all the amazing campers this summer will bring! I am so excited for meeting all of you!

What is in the middle of a Jelly?

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