Hey y’all! Here are some additional details about me…

-I’m 29 years young

-I’ve never worked at camp before, but I’ve spent years and years working with young people! In middle and high school I mentored the incoming 6th graders and freshmen, helping them get to know the school and feel comfortable. While in college, I worked with young men in juvenile detention (doing an artistic expression workshop) and prison (working with their leadership council to bring volunteers into the prison to teach life skills, arts, and recreation). For the last two years I worked as a Wilderness Therapy Field Guide where I took teens and young adults who struggle with behavioral and mental health issues on backpacking trips while doing group therapy every day! I love working with young people because it’s always so much fun and I love helping people work to be their best selves. I’m SO SO excited to spend my summer at Camp Augusta! I can’t wait to play games, laugh, have my first ever oatmeal fight and teach some magical crafts.

In the future I’d love to

-live somewhere in Europe, perhaps Scandinavia and/or New Zealand!
-build/create a self sustaining homestead complete with maker/workshop space, a greenhouse, garden, an apothecary for medicinal herbs and handmade goods.
-build a tiny house, cabin and/or earth ship!
-become an herbalist, and continue teaching art workshops.
-learn another language or two
-travel to every country
-grow old in a community of people of diverse ages and interests and shared values <3

Want to know more? Ask me just about anything! I love getting to know people.