Hello everyone! My name is Isabel but my friends call me Isa, Blue or Bella <3

Blue is because I had my hair colored blue for a really long time and it is my favorite color, and Bella is because sometimes people confuse my name with Isabella and I like twilight. I am a 25 year old Mexican girl who is studying international relations and who adores listening to music. There is no measure enough for how much I enjoy listening to music, especially Taylor Swift.

This is my fourth time in a camp and third time as a kitchen staff member, I am super excited to be at this magical space we call summer camps.
I really do feel that the space created in summer camps is like slowing the world down to take a breath of fresh air and thinking about what we actually want.
Summers have been super inspirational for me and have helped me nurture my curiosity for travel, this is one of my favorite activities to do and I hope this year I can do it a lot more.

I am also very excited to go back to kitchen staff because I truly do love to cook and bake. I am very passionate about food and feeling joy with every bite we take. It gives me great pleasure to see so many people happy about lunch time and eating together. I can sometimes be a little bit shy at the beginning but I’m really looking forward to making a lot of new friends and getting to know everyone. If you ever need help with something, don’t be afraid to ask me, I’ll happily give it my best!