In Previous Episodes…

My first year’s bio was in verse
(Constant rhyming is no curse).
He wrote of things he’d done and how
He hoped for camp to be, and now
He still looks back on that first year
With memories all wild and dear.
The ways he learned to choose and speak
Adventures had in every week.
I loved what that year gave to me
And still do, starting summer three!

Seven Lists in Isaac’s Second Bio
1: Seven Things that are True of Isaac
2: Seven Things Isaac has Done in Places
3: Ten Things Isaac Likes
4: Ten Favorite Places at Augusta
5: Ten Things Isaac Loved his First Year at Augusta
6: Seven Things Isaac is Looking Forward to in a Second Summer
7: Seven Things Isaac Hopes You Will Do This Summer

And Now…
Stories from Then and Now
Then: Cedar counselor, looking forward to challenging the oldest boys and push their previous experiences even further.
Now: heading into a second season in Pine, embracing the silliness, the innocence, the stream of new experiences and moments of discovery.
Between: rethinking how I and others see my gifts, and finding openness to thriving in a role I didn’t expect.

Then: In the Lodge, watching Augusta staff play with all manner of flow toys. Someone insisted I try a pair of poi (actually tennis balls in socks). Hesitant to try, didn’t touch props again all summer.
Now: I have five pairs of poi (socks, fire, contact, glow, and juggling poi), juggling balls, and something called a puppyhammer. I’ll be leading spin jam clinics and spinning fire at campfires.
Between: Realized there was nothing stopping me from being like the cool people surrounding me at camp. Got my first pair and never looked back.

Then: Excited and also intimidated by the world of Augusta and the vibrant personalities that filled it; so wrapped up in my own experience that I barely noticed everything else happening around me.
Now: After building peer management skills in a new role this year, I’m hoping to support new staff this year and contribute my own spirit to the blend of magic at Augusta this summer.
Between: Understanding that I have gifts to offer the communities I’m part of, and beginning to learn how best to offer them while helping those around me do the same.

Then: Loud and enthusiastic. Repeat-after-me songs, pickup games, story adventures, word games, puns, and getting tired and dirty every day, and loving it.
Now: Loud and enthusiastic. Repeat-after-me songs, pickup games, story adventures, word games, puns, and getting tired and dirty every day, and loving it.
Between: I keep doing what I do. Some things never change.

Then: Unsure what to do after four years living abroad, looking for fulltime office jobs, because that’s what I was supposed to do. Unexpectedly started looking at camp jobs, just for the summer. Found one that seemed different. Said: this place has something going on, and I want to be part of it.
Now: By summer’s end, I’ll have been living and working with children outside for well over two solid years, between summers at Augusta and outdoor science education in southern California during the years between. No routine air-conditioned jobs yet, for me.
Between: Realizing possibilities were broader than I thought. Finding places I could work hard and following passions as far as they go.

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