Seven Things that are True of Isaac
1: He has three journals. One is a journal of lists. The first list is A List of Lists in This Book.
2: When asked how tall he is, he will tell you: Very.
3: He does a lot of silly voices
4: He overthinks pretty darn near everything
5: He plays a mean air guitar
6: People think he’ll be good at crosswords and Scrabble. He’s not.
7: The hat he used to wear all last year was older than most campers. It was gross. He loved it. He lost it at the end of last summer, and still misses it. His current one is only four years old, and also very dirty.

Seven Things Isaac Has Done in Places
1: Spent two semesters at an adventure and leadership program near Yosemite
2: Worked at a summer camp in Texas for children with learning differences
3: Ridden a dinosaur in Australia
4: Taught English in Russia
5: English lessons and all manner of campy nonsense three summers in Belarus
6: Wandered centuries-old streets in Eastern Europe
7: Outdoor education in a national forest in southern California

Ten Favorite Places at Augusta
1: Canopy zip, second platform. Best view anywhere in camp
2: Hot Rocks: best place for a relaxing evening embers
3: Sunrise Point: for long walks. Still haven’t been with a cabin
4: Lower Tiny field: quiet lawn, out of view of mostly everything
5: Campfire circle: Where so much magic and laughter happens
6: Dining area. At least, at mealtime
7: Pod A platform. He can see happenings all over camp.
8: Archery treehouse. Long walk out, risky rope swing, two levels.
9: Gypsy falls, top or bottom. Sandy pool or sloping rock slab
10: Wherever good times are happening. So, mostly everywhere

Ten Things Isaac Likes
1: Words. He has favorites. He knows, and uses, a lot of words
2: Frisbees. He will take any chance to throw one around
3: Math. It’s so darn cool. Ask him about big numbers, or infinity.
4: Being outside.
5: Food. It’s his favorite thing to eat.
6: Logic puzzles. He has a handful of favorites that’ll stump most people.
7: Mountains
8: Meeting new people
9: Puns
10: The sky

Ten Things Isaac Loved his First Year at Augusta
1: Playing characters in Evening Programs
2: Overthrowing a dictator with a secret night raid
3: Embers on the gondola in the middle of the lake
4: A day and a night with his cabin at Lake Tahoe
5: High ropes, especially canopy zip tour
6: Watching firespinning
7: Performing skits and songs at campfires
8: Knowing the people he worked with every day
9: The food. Oatmeal bake, nacho bar, pizza, tortellini, all of it
10: Cedar Village, the shady land in the woods, the young men who came through and the taller young men who led the village all summer.

Seven Things Isaac is Looking Forward to in a Second Summer
1: Mostly everything above, except the things that will be different
2: Pine Village, the tight cluster at camp’s center, and the young energy that will flow through it. Also the Fortress.
3: Doing firespinning.
4: New characters in new Evening Programs
5: All the new people he’ll work with, and the friends from last year
6: Seeing his campers from last year, how they’ve grown, and hearing what they’re up to now.
7: Lots of things he doesn’t know yet because his cabins will think them up

Ten Things Isaac Hopes You Will Do This Summer
1: Try something you’ve never done before. Every day.
2: Ask him questions. Stupid questions, hard questions, important questions, lots of questions.
3: Do something that scares you. Every day.
4: Surprise him. Surprise yourself.
5: Be as loud as you can with a smile. Be silent, and pay attention to everything around you.
6: Say how you really feel
7: Choose a moment you’re not having fun, and do something to make it fun for you.
8: Put two ideas together to make one crazy idea
9: Learn something you didn’t know. Every day.
10: Have fun. Find fun. Create fun. Share fun.

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