Hello! My name is Harry and I’m a wizard! (A craft wizard that is) Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that if there is a way to make something boring into an art project, I will find it. Ever try carving a jack-o-lantern out of a watermelon? I have. Have you ever made some classy couture out of duct tape? That’s me.  My favorite types of crafting are the kinds when I can get messy. I try to live every day of my life with color, creativity and pizazz. If I don’t end my day covered in paint or glitter, am I really living?

    Outside of my camp life, I spend my time as an Outdoor Educator up in the beautiful White Mountains, where every day I get to combine my passion for art with my love of nature. My favorite part about being an Outdoor Educator is that I get to make all sorts of incredible discoveries every day. Have you heard of a fungi called Chicken of the woods? I can tell you all about that one! I also like to teach classes about nature poetry and painting with natural materials.

      Before I became an Outdoor Educator, I studied English and Creative Writing at Salem State University. Initially I studied Education but during my Sophomore year, I discovered that I had a greater love for writing and wanted to do more of it. At SSU, I had my own radio show, started a writing group, and occasionally performed slam poetry at open mic events. I loved going to Salem State because the community was so diverse and allowed me to explore my passions. I’m currently working on several scripts that I’m hoping to turn in to TV shows someday and it will all be thanks to the faculty at Salem State.

       Make no mistake, there’s more to me than just books and paint. I also enjoy spending my free time finding new places to explore. I recently took a ten day trip to New Orleans and it was amazing. (I highly recommend trying the beignets at Café Du Monde) During the summer, I especially enjoy spending my days either camping or coasting along on a stand up paddleboard. On day’s when I am feeling lazy or the weather outside is not so great, I like to spend my time watching a good movie or binging a tv show. Having also studied film in college, I have a broad knowledge about movies and love to talk about it. Just ask me about any movie and I’ve probably seen it.

     I’ve been a camp counselor for nearly half of my life and at this point, I’m running out of fingers to count the number of years that I’ve been involved in the camp world. (I’m down to about one at this point!) YES! You read that correctly! I’m going into my 9th year of camp! I’m excited to have to opportunity to venture out to the west coast and take in all that Camp Augusta has to offer. Here’s to having an amazing summer!

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