Hello All! My name is Gavin, and I couldn’t be happier to be returning to the woods of Augusta this year for another summer full of wish, wonder, and surprise! I will be returning as part of the wilderness team, leading week long trips into the backcountry where we will be able to enjoy rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, rafting, swimming, fishing, and so much more!

I grew up just down the road from camp in the small town of Auburn, and I am lucky to call the magical woods and rivers here and around camp my childhood home. Growing up in the Sierra Nevada foothills greatly inspired my love of the outdoors, and I found myself quickly falling in love with the many activities that my backyard offered. From backpacking to trail running and whitewater rafting to rock climbing, the outdoors has developed into a core part of my person and is a realm I hold close to my heart.

If I am not working, you can be sure that I am somewhere in the outdoors breathing fresh air and participating in any number of outdoor activities. A few things that you may not know about me are that I love solving Rubix Cubes, juggling and fire spinning have been a lifelong passion, and that Evening Programs at Camp Augusta are a highlight of my year! 🙂

Here at camp you can find me exploring the many hidden paths and trails of camp or look up and spot me in the trees. Some of the many clinics I enjoy to share are: Pods, Woodcarving, Lathe, Mountain Biking, and Rock climbing! Lastly, I am so excited to learn from my campers, and find what they have to share fascinating and meaningful. Overall I am simply stoked to have fun and learn this summer, and can’t wait to meet every one of you all hear at camp and in the woods!

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